How does dog sitting actually work for me?!?

The DoggyBuddies app sends you jobs based on who you know. When a dog owner needs help, they'll post a job to their network. If you're connected to them directly or through a friend, you'll get notified of the opportunity. The more friends and doggy buddies you have, the more dog sitting jobs you'll have to earn money.


"DoggyBuddies offers a way for dog sitters to get jobs and new business through friends and personal recommendations. All you have to do is signup and connect to friends and jobs will fall in your lap. It's that simple."

- Adam Pokornicky, Co-founder of DoggyBnB
Who Should Join?
Puppy Lovers
  • You love dogs but can't commit to full time ownership
  • Who can't use some extra spending money?
  • Help your friends when convenient for you
  • Meet more dog loving people through shared trust
Professional Sitters
  • Grow your business from word of mouth recommendations.
  • Expand your client base.
  • Actively look for work. We show you who needs help in your area.
  • FREE advertising from personal connections.
How it Works

Sign Up

Download the app for FREE and build a profile.



Invite people to your doggy network.


Find Jobs

See jobs in your area and offer help.


Get Paid

Get paid right from the app.

Word of Mouth is Everything
  • The more people you connect with, the more job options you will have available
  • One person can connect you to many more through 2nd and 3rd degree connections
  • You always have a connection to someone and we show you how you are connected
  • Your reputation is the key to your success
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