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10 Tips for Your Pet When Traveling to Ensure They Are in Good Hands

Do You Have Plans to Travel Over the Holiday Weekend? The DoggyBnB Team Offers 10 Tips to Ensure Your Pets Are in Good Hands

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It’s the Friday morning before Labor Day and weekend travel for many is hours within reach which for many includes plans with or without your beloved four legged furry member of your family.  While many majority almost all pet parents consider pets actual members of their family, the decision to travel, where to travel and options available when you travel are complicated or factored by what to do with Buddy or Bella.

Traveling with your pet freely or leaving him/her behind in someone else’s hands can mean all the difference between a stress free vacation and a stress filled adventure full of worry. Peace of mind is a feeling that pet owners crave which means properly arming yourself with the best tools and tips to ensure your vacation is as Fido friendly as pawsible.

With so many pet-friendly destinations popping up all over the place and businesses that cater to your four-legged friends making travel, transportation and information so much more accessible, vacationing with your pet can be a fun way for the family to hit the road together. We’ve taken a look at some of the best businesses, websites, apps, gadgets and tips available for traveling with your pet(s) and while not all are roadtrip warriors nor are all destinations fit for pets, having the best hands on deck if you do in fact decide to leave your pal(s) behind is something that we’ll examine as well.

 For the Road Warriors:


      1. If you want to go on a trip and take your pet, BringFido will  help you find pet friendly hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions and will aslo be your travel agent too. BringFido is available both as a desktop service and iOS app @bringfido
      2. Finding a Vet: while no one can anticipate or expect their little pudding face to fall ill or face an emergency, knowing how to find a Veterinarian quickly is a must. Bookmark the AVMA’s, where you can search for Vets by zipcode or city/state.
      3. Sleepypod Clickit Sports Harness– given the highest 5 Star rating by the Center for Pet Safety,the Clickit is the first dog safety harness to incorporate three-points of attachment to absorb force in a frontal collision by dissipating energy and keep the dog in the car seat during an impact or from jumping in the front seat and distracting you on the road. For $89.99, this seems like quite the bargain for taking your pooch on the road.  @sleepypod
      4. The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel – the new book by Kelly Carter showcases 75 pet friendly cities across North America, detailing what travelers and their pets can expect at hotels, airports, the beach, on the trail and more as well as the best pet offerings, from top hotels and perfect parks to trendy pet shops and doggy bakeries. For $22.95 this book is not only a great resource but a pawfect gift to share around the holidays.  @thekellyecarter
      5. Kimpton Hotels: Is there a better or more pet-friendly hotel chain out there? At every Kimpton boutique hotel you are invited to bring your furry, feathery or scaly family member. According to their policy “no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge. If your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in” (editor note: They have a nightly complimentary wine reception/happy hour — and pets are welcome to join the party!)  @kimpton


While a recent survey by Petplan pet insurance found that 80 percent of respondents planned to travel with their pets this year, not all furry friends are fit for the road and some are just more comfortable staying put. Vacations are meant to give you a chance to get away and relax. As pet parents unless we know that Fluffy or Fido is in good hands with someone you are comfortable with or trust, peace of mind can be few and far between. The following are some tips to ensure your favorite family member is in good hands while you are away and that your vacation is stress free. truly a vacation.

For the Couch Dwellers:


      1. Camp Bow Wow with over 100 locations open across North America, including Canada the camp concept provides the highest levels of fun, safety and service for its Campers, and peace of mind for their parents. @CampBowWow
      2. Pet Sitter Checklist  Your pets sitter is prepared to make your animals’ health and happiness a top priority but they can’t do their best without all the necessary information and preparation required by you. Leave a list noting daily do’s and don’ts, emergency Vet and contact info readily available and make sure any special needs are well documented and provided for while you’re away so your pretty kitty and wetnosed wuvers staycation is as great as your vacation.
      3. Pet Cube equipped with HD camera, microphone, speakers and a laser toy, Petcube allows you to keep in touch with your pet through a connected mobile app from afar. Pet owners set up the cube in their homes and then use Petcube’s app to speak to their furry friends and drive them crazy with the laser. Arriving this fall, PetCube is just pawsome for when you can’t be around.  @petcube
      4. DoggyBnB relying on the concept that the friends and family you turn to naturally are the best options for pet care, DoggyBnB finds the pawfect sitter by turning your personal connections and professional care providers into a community of tiered pet care options and your phone into a tool to utilize them all at once. Saving time, eliminating stress and avoiding the awkwardness of asking friends while providing conscientious pet parents priceless peace of mind. @doggybnb
      5. Make your dog or cat more comfortable: it’s no secret that pets are creatures of habit and can sense when their routine is being disrupted. Whether they are being temporarily boarded at a friends’ house or just recognize their mom or dad is missing, try to plan ahead by stocking the house with their favorite treats, provide access to their bed and favorite toys and make sure their food is plentiful and consistent.


Whether you bring your furry family member along or leave them behind, think about what’s best for them and not what’s easiest for you. While the above tips should give you some great tips and options for traveling with or without your pet, there certainly are many more options that we didn’t get a chance to cover. Did we miss something or a service you love? Join the conversation and let us know.   PAWS UP!

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