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Derby the Dog Has a New Lease on Life

There are tons of stories about dogs that’ll make you say “awwwwwwwe” or “so cute” or “this will amaze you” but there is something special about Derby the Dog and his deformed legs who could barely get around and got the gift of a lifetime.  His foster Mommy, who rescued him through Peace and Paws felt like she just had to do something, found an amazing animal ortho doctor and a 3D company to help out, work together and make him a custom set of prosthetic legs giving Derby the chance to just be a normal dog and run.  At first they tried those cute little wheel cart things that many disabled dogs use and work quite well but as the owner in the video states ” they limit his mobility in terms of being able to play with other dogs and its not really the full motion of running”. 

So Derby’s mom worked with this company 3D Systems and Dr. Derrick Campana  to make Derby a set of his very own set of 1st generation bouncy wheel like prosthetic legs.   With prosthetics in general moving towards these captain hook-like peg leg-ish “running man” look, Derby’s mom feared that he would end up digging him in to the dirt so she came up with the idea of a loopish fit that would work on whatever surface and just let him run.  And like Forrest Gump, Derby ran and ran and ran for miles a day. The cuteness you are about to see is just too much to handle. 



The best thing about this story and video is that when you really look at this story and piece all the parts together it just blows your mind what kind of amazing people there are and the amazing things that are being done to make the life of someone or some little adorable dog a cagillion times better.  From the foster mommy rescuing Derby and give him a home and a chance, to Dr. Campana of Animal Ortho Care dedicating his time to 3D Systems for providing the technology. The intersection of LOVE, TECHNOLOGY and LIFE.  If this doesn’t make you smile, wanna do something positive for someone else and get off your can and run a few miles like Derby then I don’t know what will…..

hellz yeah Derby….. #PAWSUP





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