5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

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Emily is a blogger and writer at Spaceman USA that happens to be a manufacturer of soft serve and frozen yogurt machines and yes!! Emily loves frozen yogurt. What a coincidence you’ll ask, but besides tasty     things Emily also loves pets (owner of an adorable cat), all movies by Martin Scorsese and the Pacific    Ocean.

Dogs are often our closest companions. They make us happy with their presence and friendship. In turn we want them to be healthy and happy. When our pups are happy, they brighten our lives and everything around them. Here are five easy ways that you can make your best friend a happy dog.


Always make sure to have plenty of fresh water available for your dog. No matter what time of the year it is, dogs do require fresh water. If you see floating things in the bowl such as bits of food, fur, or anything else, rinse out the dish and put in fresh water. Your dog will definitely appreciate it.


Get out and get some exercise with your dog. Dogs are meant to be active. In the modern world, getting those few minutes can feel like a bit of a challenge.  Both you and your dog could use with some fresh air and a bit of a stroll. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, but it does need to be consistent. Even if done once, your dog may believe that a walk at a specific time is now the norm, and will come to expect it!  The important thing is to simply get out, enjoy the sights and each other’s company.


Keep up on vet visits. To ensure your dog’s health and safety, make sure they get at least a yearly checkup with their veterinarian and have all of their vaccinations up to date. Get the appropriate tags that will indicate that their shots are all up to date.  Most vets will also give you the option of placing a contact number on their tag in case your pup gets lost.


Take your dog for a ride. There are few things in the world that a dog loves more than to “Go!”  Dogs love a good road trip and simply getting in the car and rolling along with their head out the window, nose to the wind ahead and their ears and tongue flapping in the breeze while riding with you is your dog’s idea of heaven!  It doesn’t matter if it is to the corner store or going across country.  Taking your four-legged friend cross-country with you might make the trip just that much more enjoyable.


Be sure to give your dog lots of praise and treats! Treats are a part of rewarding our fur friends. When giving treats, try to pay attention to things such as the ingredients that are in what you give them. Watching levels of sugar, sodium and other ingredients are important in order to keep them healthy and happy.   If you can use organic ingredients or make cookies and other treats yourself, you have a direct influence on keeping them on healthy snacks.

Dogs really appreciate frozen treats on hot days.  Why not make Fido happy with some frozen yogurt?  Dogs don’t digest dairy products very well, but yogurt promotes digestive health in dogs by encouraging good intestinal flora.

We’re always looking for ways to keep your pups happy here at DoggyBnB. After all, your pooch might have a little stress when their loved ones are away.  What suggestions do you have that keep your dog smiling?

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