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By: Denise Reynolds, on September 30, 2014, Headlines & Heroes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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It’s Friday.  You just got an offer for the weekend that you can’t refuse, and yes, you definitely need to get involved. There’s just one snafu. What do you do about your four legged family member? Not to worry — DoggyBnB is here to help. DoggyBnB is a brand new mobile app that aims to change the way you get pet care and related services, whether it’s from a friend, a friend of friend, colleague or a preferred service provider. They want to give you the power and freedom to get any kind of pet care services you need on demand whether you’re going away for the weekend or you’re in a jam with a few taps of your mobile device from people you actually know and trust.


Like Airbnb, DoggyBnB doesn’t actually provide any of the services; rather it aims to create a marketplace to give you all of your options in one place— except in this case, its only from people you know directly or are connected to through a friend or a friend of a friend. No strangers. No third parties, no sorting through website reviews and definitely No Kennels.

3030845-inline-ifetchwoofsmapCombining the personalization of Facebook, the tiered connections of LinkedIn and the instant gratification of Uber, DoggyBnB allows anyone who has a pet, wishes they had a pet or has a business to take care of pets to create a profile, start connecting and make the network work for them.
Whether you’re on there to get pet care, offer services to make money or simply step up to the plate and volunteer when your friends need help, DoggyBnB simplifies the entire process by letting technology do all the work.

If you are a pet owner, the next time you need a hand, push out a “Woof” to your network of trusted friends all at once with the type of service you need and a reward of your choice and bam! You’ve got yourself a pet sitter. Head out and do your thing with the comfort of knowing your pet is well taken care of. Ah… That was easy.

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Download the app and sign up w/ our promo code: HHdog, You’ll immediately get $10 credited to your account. Since app is brand new and works best if you have a network of friends, invite 5 friends to join using your personal code and you’ll get another $10. Invite another 5, and well..you can do the math.

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