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Doggy Swag: The ‘All American’ Mullet Wig For Your Dog

This’ll Be The Best $10 You Ever Spend on Your Pup

It’s really quite simple. ‘The All American’ Mullet Wig for dogs is a must have purchase for all Pup Parents. Its swag x swag x swag x Infinity and might be the greatest accessory you can buy for your pup. Best of all, it only costs $10.00.

Whether you own a dog or one of your friends have one you love, them beautiful four legged friends in your life deserve to wear this mullet and be the baddest, hippest and swag pup around.  By not purchasing one of these All American Mullets, you’re basically mistreating and neglecting your best friends and should be ashamed of yourself.

Your dog needs this mullet. And it needs it right now.  So  get your dog the gift that it rightfully deserves.  It will be the gift that keeps on giving as you’ll be rich in selfies, Instagram worthy content and the most popular pup parent in town of celebidog that everyone wants to take pictures with.

And if you’re not feeling the All-American style but still want the mullet for your dog, you can pick up the Beachcomber Mullet instead, where your dog can enjoy sand, seaweed and sun with this “lady gettin” alternative…Enjoy!

beachcomber dog mullet wig beachcomber dog mullet wig beachcomber dog mullet wig

Buy the Mullet


Woman Set to Marry Dog After Her First Husband, a CAT Dies – Is Dumb For Marrying a Cat in the First Place

(Source) — And they called it puppy love. Widow Dominque Lesbirel of the Netherlands is getting married again, after losing her husband to kidney failure. She’s getting hitched to her dog. Her first husband, Doerack, was a cat. “Putting Doerack to sleep was horrible, I’ve had him since he was three, but I feel lucky to have had 16 lovely years with him,” she said, according to Britain’s Daily Mirror. She plans to wed Travis, but wants to wait a while to get over her grief at losing Doerack. Travis, her intended, has been with her for several years, she said, after she rescued him from being homeless while she was living in Greece. She found him at the beach, where he stole her shoes and bag while she was swimming. And then “he stole my heart,” she says. Lesbirel, 41, performs wedding rites for domestic animals at, a website she established in 2003. She does not grant every marriage application. “There are rules, as with any marriage,” she said. “The difference between a church ceremony and my online chapel is that I don’t allow divorce. I don’t want to let anyone abandon their pet.”

While this marrying her dog stunt after her first husband a CAT died is the most obvious marketing ploy to drive traffic to her website/company  (which is pretty smart) I’m gonna play along for a second because of how stupid it was for Dominique to marry a cat in the first place. I mean seriously—-What the efffffff? What part of cat screams husband material?

Cats are historically loners and by nature selfishly indifferent to your overall well being. To them you’re the pet and they are the master, which means all you’ve done is marry someone that is going to boss you around. Want a sandwich or a beer from the fridge, good luck.  While it can hear you calling its name, the truth of the matter is, cats don’t care or give a crap about what you want. Meanwhile when it wants food or maybe some cat nip, does it ask nicely—-nope, most likely it’ll knock a bunch of stuff off the table or claw and scratch at you.  Not only that, cats don’t want to be touched by you or petted by you cause it stresses them out. When they do curl up next to you and get close, it’s not because it’s trying to say I love you but because it’s making you it’s property by putting its scent all over you so all the other cats know your its territory.

It’s hard to understand what Dominique was thinking. Perhaps she’s just a sucker for bad boys like stupid Doerick and overlooks the good guys like Travis, who are always there for her and longing to love her, make her laugh, protect her and even hold her shoes while she goes swimming. If Travis was smart, he wouldn’t put up with being the second choice and he’d meticulously plot just like Doerick would’ve, to marry her, make her miserable, then divorce her and take half her money.  But he won’t, because it’s not in his nature to act like a cold-hearted jerk…


Wanna get your pup a play date or some doggy LOVE?????

Are you looking for a play date for your pup or to meet other dog owner nearby to socialize with? Then the DoggyBnB app has you covered with their Sniffer feature, a “Doggy Tinder”  like application that gives you a way to meet dogs and their owners nearby for play dates, walks, human dating or to make new friends.

For now, you can find Sniffer by downloading the DoggyBnB app and creating an account but sooner than later Sniffer will be available as stand alone app for dog lovers everywhere.














You can filter potential matches by gender, age, dog weight and location. Similar to the left and right swipe of Tinder, dog owners get matched when their is mutual interest.






Love Has No Bounds: Tiny Terrier Gets Rottweiler Pregnant and the Puppies are Magical

Teresa Patterson is a proud doggy mama to her beloved Rottweiler, Zara and her tiny little West Highland Terrier, Joey.  The two love running around and playing with each other but that friendship evolved in something more when Joey mated with Zara (who is over twice is size) at some point, leaving Patterson completely unaware until a litter of 11 never seen before ‘Wottie” puppies were born.


According to Patterson, “Zara didn’t know what to do and I just started screaming when the puppies started popping out.

“I was completely shocked, I didn’t think nature would let this happen but at some point it did,” says Patterson










Shortly after birth, Zara quickly lost interest in the puppies, leaving Joey to take care of the pups and unfortunately 4 of them died. Patterson stepped in and began feeding the seven remaining animals Weetabix and scrambled egg to keep them strong, and even gave them Horlicks to help them sleep.

Patterson says that all of the Wottie pups have a lovely temperament like their parents but are high maintenance needing attention all the time. Her sons grabbed two of the pups from the litter and she found homes for the remaining five.

Getting your pup a play date or some doggy love….

Are you looking for a play date for your pup or to meet other dog owner nearby to socialize with? Then the DoggyBnB app has you covered with their Sniffer feature, a “Doggy Tinder”  like application that gives you a way to meet dogs and their owners nearby for play dates, walks, human dating or to make new friends.

For now, you can find Sniffer by downloading the DoggyBnB app and creating an account but sooner than later Sniffer will be available as stand alone app for dog lovers everywhere.














You can filter potential matches by gender, age, dog weight and location. Similar to the left and right swipe of Tinder, dog owners get matched when their is mutual interest.


Start Sniffing

dogwalking frenchie

Frenchie Pup Loses it’s Mind When Asked to Go For a Walk, Perfectly Sums Up Mondays

Do you ever talk to your dog and ask it questions like “who’s a good boy?” or “do you want to go for a walk?” with the expectation that it knows what you’re saying. I ask my little 9yr old cavalier Maggie if she wants to go for a walk all the time and without fail she tilts her head at me at an angle and just stares at me like “What the fck are you saying”.

This Frenchie pup’s interest in going for a walk is pretty much identical to how the entire planet feels about Mondays.

Which leads us to this adorable little French Bulldog puppy that literally loses it’s sh*t when asked to go for a walk by it’s owner. I can’t tell if this ball of love actually hates the idea of going for a walk or is excited in the same way I was when my mom would ask me if I wanted to go get ice cream.

The human doggy blogger in me wants to believe this little pup hates walks as much as I hate taking a shower, brushing my teeth, going to the gym or even going outside to smell the fresh air and simply wants to sit around all day, get belly rubs and eat food rather than deal with the brutal humidity and heat of being outside.

The optimist and little kid in me however believes that this pup is so excited to go outside and see the world that it can even contain itself. That dog walking  for it is the equivalent of one of those priceless childhood moments, like being taken to an amusement park or to get an ice cream cone or playing kickball with your friends or opening up presents on Christmas morning.  And just like at each and every one of those moments, it’s literally the greatest day of it’s life.

What do you think about this fired up little dumpling?  Share your thoughts below.

“Do you wanna go for a -“

Posted by Nova 100 on Friday, July 3, 2015


Shelter Dogs Star in Music Video by Country Music Duo, Dan + Shay

Are you ready for a good love story or better yet a doggy love story??  Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, better known as the country music duo Dan + Shay took the opportunity to raise awareness for animal rescue by starring a supporting cast of 40 shelter dogs in their new video “Nothin’ Like You”, which they filmed in Nashville earlier this summer.

“The goal was to showcase these dogs and how cute they are and get everyone excited about how you can find a great dog or a great companion to come home with you at a shelter or a rescue,” said Smyers, who adopted his dogs from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. The Nashville rescue also provided dogs to appear in the video.

The duo were pitched a number of different ideas to run with for the video, but when the idea for a love story between dogs came up, they couldn’t say no.

“Everybody is like, ‘Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with the song but we love it,’” Smyers said. “It’s an awesome, entertaining visual for a good cause.”

Smyers laughed that he and Mooney are really just by-standers in the video that has them chasing two love-struck canines through streets, down stairs, and through a river before sliding into a mud pit. “Everybody is saying, ‘Aww, they’re so cute.’ It’s like, ‘Cool adopt them. Perfect.’”

The singer called the video shoot “one of the best days of my entire life” and said he and Mooney were trying to use their voices “ in a positive light.”

Here are some more behind the scenes looks:

dog animated GIF

dog animated GIF

dog animated GIF

dog animated GIF

dog animated GIF

nothinlikeyou animated GIF


NFL Player Demonstrates the Dangers of Leaving Your Dog Locked in a Hot Car

Arizona Cardinals‘ free safety Tyrann Mathieu, aka ‘the Honeybadger’ is known as one of the toughest and most tenacious players in the NFL.  Mathieu loves dogs and wants to encourage dog owners to stop leaving their dogs in parked cars while they run errands and are out and about this summer.  So he teamed up with PETA to show just how hot parked cars can get by sitting in a vehicle for eight minutes in the Arizona heat.  But, even he couldn’t with stand the discomfort and danger from the scorching hot temperatures that pets endure when left alone inside a hot car.

Mathieu starts by getting inside a parked car in direct sunlight with outside temperatures around 90 degrees.  After a few minutes in the vehicle and the extreme temperatures, you can see him visibly sweating and rubbing his eyes as he is.  He repeatedly fans himself to cool off, which ultimately proves ineffective.

By minute four, the temperature inside the car has reached 105 degrees and Mathieu  is shown wiping beads of sweat from his forehead.

“I seriously couldn’t imagine leaving my dog in a car like this,” Mathieu says in the video. “If you’re going to make a dog a part of your family, then make him a part of your family.”

At minute six, the temperature has climbed to 113 degrees.

“I can’t wait to get out of this car,” he says.

After 8 minutes and with the temperature soaring to 120 degrees, Mathieu taps out and exits the car. He’s drenched in sweat, bent over with his hands on his knees and accepts a water bottle that is placed in his hand as the heat is no match for even the most well conditioned professional athlete.

It’s worth noting that, as the video points also out, dogs can’t sweat like Mathieu is able to, so they can’t cool themselves off in extreme temperatures.  Watch the entire video from PETA below:

Here’s a great tweet and infographic from the folks at PetPlan Insurance to explain why hot cars are so dangerous.


5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

About the Author

Emily is a blogger and writer at Spaceman USA that happens to be a manufacturer of soft serve and frozen yogurt machines and yes!! Emily loves frozen yogurt. What a coincidence you’ll ask, but besides tasty     things Emily also loves pets (owner of an adorable cat), all movies by Martin Scorsese and the Pacific    Ocean.

Dogs are often our closest companions. They make us happy with their presence and friendship. In turn we want them to be healthy and happy. When our pups are happy, they brighten our lives and everything around them. Here are five easy ways that you can make your best friend a happy dog.


Always make sure to have plenty of fresh water available for your dog. No matter what time of the year it is, dogs do require fresh water. If you see floating things in the bowl such as bits of food, fur, or anything else, rinse out the dish and put in fresh water. Your dog will definitely appreciate it.


Get out and get some exercise with your dog. Dogs are meant to be active. In the modern world, getting those few minutes can feel like a bit of a challenge.  Both you and your dog could use with some fresh air and a bit of a stroll. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, but it does need to be consistent. Even if done once, your dog may believe that a walk at a specific time is now the norm, and will come to expect it!  The important thing is to simply get out, enjoy the sights and each other’s company.


Keep up on vet visits. To ensure your dog’s health and safety, make sure they get at least a yearly checkup with their veterinarian and have all of their vaccinations up to date. Get the appropriate tags that will indicate that their shots are all up to date.  Most vets will also give you the option of placing a contact number on their tag in case your pup gets lost.


Take your dog for a ride. There are few things in the world that a dog loves more than to “Go!”  Dogs love a good road trip and simply getting in the car and rolling along with their head out the window, nose to the wind ahead and their ears and tongue flapping in the breeze while riding with you is your dog’s idea of heaven!  It doesn’t matter if it is to the corner store or going across country.  Taking your four-legged friend cross-country with you might make the trip just that much more enjoyable.


Be sure to give your dog lots of praise and treats! Treats are a part of rewarding our fur friends. When giving treats, try to pay attention to things such as the ingredients that are in what you give them. Watching levels of sugar, sodium and other ingredients are important in order to keep them healthy and happy.   If you can use organic ingredients or make cookies and other treats yourself, you have a direct influence on keeping them on healthy snacks.

Dogs really appreciate frozen treats on hot days.  Why not make Fido happy with some frozen yogurt?  Dogs don’t digest dairy products very well, but yogurt promotes digestive health in dogs by encouraging good intestinal flora.

We’re always looking for ways to keep your pups happy here at DoggyBnB. After all, your pooch might have a little stress when their loved ones are away.  What suggestions do you have that keep your dog smiling?

dog bbq

7 Cookout Foods That Are Harmful to Your Pup

4thofJuly4th of July is here. Summer is officially in full swing, the weather is beautiful and BBQ/cookouts are a weekly event with friends, family and our favorite drinking buddies. While most of us will be kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the long 4th of July holiday weekend with friends, family, fireworks and BBQ cookouts, there are a few things to keep in mind for our four-legged friends. While having them around makes us the most popular people at the party, their excitement and curiosity of sneaking in to food and other items that are no good for them can turn a happy holiday BBQ into a potential doggy disaster.

Here’s a quick and easy need to know on 7 common cookout foods that are dangerous for your pup and need to be kept out of reach;

1. Potato Chips:  Ummm GUILTY. Yes, you, me, him, her…we’re all guilty of forking over a few loose cheetos, goldfish, or chips to our best friend as a treat from time to time, but when you’re hosting or a guest at friends place, make sure the rest of the bag(or bowl) is out of reach. Chips are loaded with sodium which reeks havoc on your dog. While a few chips may not hurt, getting into the whole bag, combined with natural dehydration from the heat, can cause excessive thirst, urination and in worst cases sodium ion poisoning.

2. Avocado: I don’t know about you but I love me some avocado and guacamole at a BBQ. Whether I’m dipping chips with guac or adding it to a burger, what’s delicious for you and me is super toxic to your pup.  Avocados contain a toxin known as persin. A healthy chunk of avocados can quickly lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

3. Onion: Besides making grown men cry AND tasting delicious on a burger, hot dog or whatever you fancy, onions  can lead to some serious stomach problems for your dog.   Whether it’s a plate of raw onions or concentrated doses (like soup mix or powder) which are a greater risk, onions contain compounds that can damage dogs’ red blood cells if ingested in sufficient quantities.

4. Undercooked/Raw Meat:  Don’t be mistaken. Undercooked or raw meat is very different from a “raw diet” and can contain bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli making Fido sick as a dog. You can be sure, at some point your pup will be digging into the trash or looking for scraps so best to make sure you properly care for and dispose of unused meat.

5. Bones: Though it may be tempting to throw bones under the table after you polish off grilled wings or ribs so your dog can eat the scraps, don’t. It’s a terrible idea to feed dogs any type of bones from people foods. Cooked bones can easily splinter and cause internal bleeding and all kinds of stomach problems. Plus, overindulging on bones can lead to a serious case of canine constipation. Big bones can also break a dog’s teeth.

6. Alcohol: Queue Captain Obvious here……Where there’s a BBQ/cookout there’s beer, wine and whatever delicious alcoholic bev to pour down our throats.  While we might be looking to get a little buzzed and lubricated, dogs can easily get drunk just like hoomans.  However, not only can they get tipsy pretty quickly, but they can also find themselves in a coma or die from ingesting too much.  Us hoomans have a tendency to leave floaters around, put glasses down or the dog gets on the table.  Dogs have a tendency to drink beer readily as well cream based drinks like white russians. Since almost all alcohol exposure for dogs is accidental, try to make sure your guests are as conscious as you around the booze.

7. Ice Cream:  The mere fact that dogs can’t crawl up into a ball and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is simply a tragedy. Like many hoomans that are lactose intolerant, dogs don’t have the critical enzyme that allows them to binge eat and digest a significant amount dairy products.  Like your friends that sneak a few bites of cheese here and there, a few licks won’t hurt them but anything more will likely lead to an upset stomach and a clean up mess no one wants to deal with.  An alternative, make yourself a DIY frozen treat for your pup that is sure to cool them down and settle their stomachs.


When in doubt, keep it simple: dog food is for dogs, people food is for people! Have a wonderful, safe and Happy 4th of July!!!!!


Girlfriend tells boyfriend his dog Molly has to go, posts ad on Craigslist to find her a new home

This guy does right by his beagle, Molly.

Recently, Reddit user Getzen posted this craigslist ad. It’s unclear if he is the originator or not but thankfully love overcame all irrational thoughts here.

The boyfriend that posted the ad decided to move in with his girlfriend but had no idea how much she disliked his beagle, Molly. She actually disliked her so much that she demanded Molly be given up and re-homed which would clearly be devastating to both of them. After a bit of thinking, he decides to post an ad to try and help her out.

Wonder if anyone else will want her………..




Here’s to Molly and her loving Dad 🙂