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Lather Up! Tips for Bathing your Dog

Your pet loves attention from you. One of the best ways to give her that attention is through regular grooming — and that includes bath time. Some pets just like rolling around in the dirt; others are great about grooming themselves. Either way, there are times when you’ll want to give your pet a bath. Here are some quick tips to make bath time easier and more fun for both of you.

Brushing. Before the bath, make sure your pet is brushed well and all knots and tangles are worked out. Use a comb or brush appropriate for your pet’s coat to make the job easier. Also, the more often you brush, the less often you need to bathe your pet.

Getting ready. Fill the sink or tub with about three or four inches of lukewarm water. Keep your shampoo, conditioner and towels within reach. Block off all escape routes; you don’t want to chase a wet dog through the house.

Shampoo. Before you lather up, make sure you have the right shampoo for your pet’s needs. For example, “people” shampoo contains fragrances and other ingredients that can dry out or irritate your pet’s skin so be sure to use only a pet shampoo. Puppies and kittens require gentle or “tear-free” shampoos. If your pet is experiencing dry skin, allergies or hot spots, look for shampoos specially formulated for those conditions. And if you use topical flea and tick treatments on your pet, it’s really important to use a non-detergent (soap-free) shampoo. Other shampoos may reduce the effectiveness of your pet’s monthly treatment.

The Bath. Once you’ve chosen the right shampoo, lather your pet thoroughly, being careful to avoid his eyes and ears. Rinse him well, but avoid getting too much water on his head. It’s important to rinse completely, because leftover shampoo can dry out his skin. Towel him off. Once he is completely dry, give him another good brushing.


Treating Urinary Tract Infections

Treating a urinary tract or bladder infection right away is important for preventing serious medical complications – like development of bladder stones or spread of the infection to the kidneys or heart. Although any dog could be affected, females and older dogs are more prone to urinary tract and bladder infections.

Don’t worry – urinary tract and bladder infections are easily treated. Your veterinarian will want to perform a complete examination of your dog, as well as take a urine sample for urinalysis. This will help identify the type of bacteria causing the infection and determine which antibiotic will be most effective in treating your dog.

Follow your veterinarian’s prescription instructions to maximize chances for a cure. Do not change or stop treatment without talking to your vet, even if your dog seems better. Once the antibiotic prescription has been finished, be sure to complete all follow-up visits and lab work suggested by your veterinarian. This is important to make sure the infection is gone.

Dogs that have recurring urinary infections may need additional testing, such as blood work, X-rays and/or ultrasound, to check for bladder stones or other reasons for recurrence.

Get a FREE Night on Us

DoggyBnB wants to gather all of your dog loving friends and options in  one place so you never have to EVER scramble for help….In fact, we’ll give you a free dog siting job on us if you get 9 of your friends to become part of your go-to dog sitting team. Without friends–DoggyBnB is just an empty, lonely, worthless app for you….but with friends—the possibilities are endless!!!


Let’s be honest– asking friends to watch your dog is natural and ideal BUT it’s DEFINITELY NOT EASY.  As a dog owner, there’s like a laundry list of stressful pain points that we all can relate to;

Calling around one by one, running through a list in your head, texting, waiting for responses..why won’t anyone text me back!

Directly asking friends, guilting them to say yes so they don’t let you down….even though it might not be the best time… is that really fair to put that burden on a friend?

Is it a favor? is it free? do I owe them wine? money?  inevitably there’s always an awkward conversations about money

None of your friends are available—FCKKK!! Now what? you need help and now you have to start scrambling for some stranger on yelp, google search or thinking about a kennel…now you start feeling stressed and crappy about dumping your dog with someone you don’t know-Who to ask? who do I trust???

The next time you need help:  RINSE, WASH, REPEAT — the same thing happens over and over

Add friends, take the guesswork out of finding a sitter

Instead of asking friends one by one or cornering friends to help, DoggyBnB crowdsources all of your friends at once with a push notification to let them know you need help

Instead of burning favors and wondering if you owe a friend money, you can attach a reward up front for the job and let everyone feel good about the situation

Instead of reaching out to a stranger or turning to a kennel, DoggyBnB extends your dog sitters options by using social connections so you can borrow/share sitters your friends know, trust and recommend too.  

Instead of going back and forth between friends and sites, DoggyBnB will manage and coordinate logistics, set reminders and seamlessly pay your friend through Venmo when the job is complete


Give it a shot, build your own dog sitting team and see how easy it is. We’ll even give you a free night on us to try it? Sound good?


Let’s Grow My Dog Sitting Team