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Use who you know and who your friends know to find a dog sitter with the push of a button


You and your girlfriends just booked a 7 day trip to Tulum. 

Flight, check. Hotel, check. Easy peasy. You’re mind is already racing forward to what bathing suits you’re going to bring and all the fun outfits you’re going to pack. Excitement abound.  Now comes the hard part. What are you going to do with your most valuable family member. You want someone you trust to take care of Fido, but most of your girlfriends that you’d ask normally are going on the trip with you. The trip is already costing you a fortune and 7 days in overnight boarding at a kennel would not only break the bank but all you’d be thinking about is her well being.

So what do you do? Where do you start? Mom/Dad? Do you start asking other friends one by one letting them know you are in a pinch and you desperately need help for an entire week? What if you find one that says yes. 7 days is a long time. Is it a favor, is there some undiscussed understanding of money, wine, etc??  What about a professional dog sitter? Do you start searching through profiles, reading and trusting reviews of people you don’t know? Are you really prepared to drop your dog off with a stranger that you just met? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. All the sudden this trip got really stressful. Crap. WHY CAN’T IT JUST BE SIMPLE!!

Use friends and social connections to make it easy

Now there is a way to get easily get a dog sitter through friends and social connections, rather than strangers.  DoggyBnB is a mobile app and dog sitting community, that crowdsources your friends and social connections whenever you need help.  Instead of asking friends one by one or cornering them for help, you can remove the guesswork of finding a dog sitter by inviting and connecting with all of your dog loving friends on the app.

blogpost2When you need help, you send out a notification called a Woof, with the date, job details and reward of your choice to your network of friends at once.  Friends can then respond if available, and you can decide who you want to take care of Fido. Best of all, the app will send reminders, manage logistics and pay your friend directly through Venmo  upon completion of the job.

The value of DoggyBnB is simple. Friends are better than strangers and a personal recommendation from a friend or someone you know is more valuable and trusted than any kind of third party review, search result or random directory.  Using your personal contacts and Facebook connect, each and every friend that you are connected to, extends your network of available dog sitting options out 3 degrees(similar to LinkedIn) to friends and dog sitters they know, trust and recommend too.  The use of a dog-centric social graph and push technology gives you easy and immediate access to dog lovers you have a personal connection to without the friction, frustration and pain of calling and scrambling around every time something comes up.

18_2_Sniffer_ClickedSNIFFER:  Tinder for dog lovers

One of the fun features of DoggyBnB is Sniffer, which plays matchmaker for dog owners in a specific area. “Sniffer” uses GPS to locate dog owners within close proximity looking for playmates for their pooches. Sniffer can filter preferences by a dog’s weight, as well as the gender, and age of the owner and then presents users with a selection of dogs and their owners who are nearby. Browsing and choosing functions like Tinder: You swipe right for yes, left for no, and if there’s mutual interest, the owners can message each other and set up a playdate.

DoggyBnB is for ALL dog lovers

What’s great about DoggyBnB is that it’s a social dog sitting community based on friendship and who you know.  If you love dogs but don’t have one yet or you’re a full time dog sitter, you can easily sign up and become a dog sitter to friends and social connections based on you own availability. Just like dog owners, the more you connect to people you know, the more options and opportunity you’ll have to watch pets and make money doing something you love when friends need help.  You can create your own economic opportunity out of thin air simply by signing up and both connecting and inviting dog lovers to join the network.

The most important part about DoggyBnB is understanding that DoggyBnB is based on who you know. You MUST commit to adding, inviting and connecting to friends for your network to open up and the options and opportunities for yourself become endless.

The DoggyBnB app is available on the app store and Google Play. Download the app and give your dog a network of buddies that you both love.


Get DoggyBnB


7 ways to find a dog sitter when you travel this summer

MeandmyBoo2I absolutely love my dog Maggie and if I could, I’d take her everywhere with me. People gravitate to her easy going and chill personality which means people end up gravitating to me, which I love. Unfortunately, it’s not realistic or feasible for me — or anyone else for that matter to bring her everywhere I go so I end up needing to leave my baby girl behind.

For doggy moms and dads everywhere, there are two basic options:  a dog sitter or a dog boarding facility.  For this doggy dad and many others, the latter is out of the question. Boarding facilities/kennels can be extremely traumatic for pets since they’re in unfamiliar environments, around other animals and most of the time overnighted in a crate.  I did it once when I was stuck in a jam and felt really crappy about abandoning her in an environment where she wouldn’t be loved.  When I picked her up after the weekend, she was behaving timid and unlike herself. That was the last time we did that.

At this point, I either find a dog sitter I trust or I don’t go away. I prefer having friends stay with Maggie in my apt so she can enjoy our bed and her routine but it’s great when she’s the guest of honor for a few nights of puppy sleepovers and unconditional love too.

Finding a dog sitter isn’t exactly easy…

Of course, finding a dog sitter isn’t as simple as booking that trip and figuring out where you are going to stay.  There is a lot of embedded friction and stress in the process from being able to find someone, feel like you can trust them with your pet and in your home and working out the logistics.  Referrals and recommendations from friends or vets are a good place to start looking for dog sitters.

It’s hard enough to leave our dogs behind, no one needs the additional stress when it comes to finding a sitter.

7 ways to find a dog sitter the next time you travel:

1. Friends, Family & Neighbors:  probably most obvious and most natural option and usually free… Friends and family are great and they offer us peace of mind and a sense of trust that we crave. The only downside is asking them one by one or over and over again can be time consuming and a bit of a burden and they aren’t always available.

2. Pet Sitting Associations:   Pet Sitters International and NAPPS offer professional sitters in your area. You can search by zipcode and services offered. Almost all the sitters are insured and first-aid certified. You’ll most likely want to check their references, meet them in person, establish a contract and introduce them to your pet.

3. Google/Yelp Search: I know, I know duh…thanks captain obvious but if you have the time, local search can yield results of professional sitters, dog sitting businesses and daycares in your area. The downside is that the results are completely random, ratings are unreliable and you have to do a lot of sniffing through profiles,  reviews just to start the process.

4. Word of Mouth:  The dog park, vet, friends, family, dog owners you know. While asking every person you know can be a little annoying, the upside is that they are usually already vetted and loved by the people making the recommendations. This cuts out a lot of the guesswork and but can be a bit of a hassle to track people down

5. Specialty Service Sites:  A few of these have popped up over the past couple of years like DogVacay and Rover which aggregate local dog sitters, dog walkers and service providers into their network for you to choose from. While they usually have no personal connection to you, all of the sitters are dog owners or families in your area that are willing to host your dog have insurance though the companies and have reviews.

6. Lead Generators:,,  These sites are a hybrid between the pet sitting associations and the specialty service sites. You can pay a membership to have access and you simply submit a job and a price range, a query is sent out to sitters that fit the parameters and they can bid on your job.

blogpost27. Social Networking w/ DoggyBnBWhile Facebook is can limit who it sees your posts and Twitter can be like shouting into a forest,  DoggyBnB, a new mobile app and dog sitting network, finds you a dog sitter through friends, family and social connections rather than strangers.  Using your contacts and Facebook connect, it maps a network of dog loving friends within 3 degrees of separation that are willing to dog sit or board your pet. These can be your best friends, friends of friends or dog sitters your friends know, trust and recommend. And to make things easy, rather than asking friends one by one or cornering them to help, DoggyBnB broadcasts a message to everyone you are connected to at once and lets the help come to you.



With the travel season in full swing, hopefully you are fully armed with as many options to take care of your furry family member as possible. My suggestion is to download and try DoggyBnB and create a network of love with the friends you know and trust the most. Let me know which options you love or end up trying this summer! Best of luck. Paws Up!





These Rescue Dogs Will Color Your World – Jackson Pollock Would Be Proud

Jackson Pollock was an influential American painter known for his unique style of drip painting. Most of us know him as the guys that just flung paint all over the place and are like–“Oh –I love Jackson Pollock”

What if I were to tell you that rescue dogs were getting the break of a lifetime to become the canine versions of Jackson Pollock.  Would you be a little curious to see what that could look like?  Well, thankfully, you are in luck as a group of artists working for AKQA São Paulo is featuring four shelter dogs getting creative in a short film called Canismoshaking off pet-friendly paint to make 19 Pollock-esque masterpieces in slow motion to promote adoption.

First they get covered in paint, then they start shaking it off to create their masterpieces…..


(Source: YouTube/ Procure 1 Amigo)

(Source: YouTube/ Procure 1 Amigo)

(Source: YouTube/ Procure 1 Amigo)

(Source: YouTube/ Procure 1 Amigo)

pollock 1 pollock 2  pollock 4 pollock 5

Images courtesy the artist

“We knew that sheltered dogs was a cause that needed more attention from our society, especially the media, so we decided to focus on it for our first project,” artist Gabriel Morais told The Creators Project.

The 4 rescue dogs featured in the Canismo film above have all been happily adopted, but 18 of their paintings are still looking for homes.  The canine Pollock-esque masterpieces will be on display at Perestroika’s Black Wall Gallery in São Paulo,  from May 9 – June 9, 2015.





This Puppy Should Win the Opposite of an Academy Award

I mean seriously. What the pup was that? Is this even acting? this dog is breaking my faith that they are perfect. I mean this is worse than D-list stuff.  This reminds me of my former roommate and now co-founder of DoggyBnB practicing lines like 10 years ago.  Not even hitting the lines on the right queue, too much over acting–just awful stuff.  I mean he was supposed to be getting shot by a gun and play dead. How long did it take for that bullet to hit him. I mean he was shot and then like an hour later he finally dropped dead and  his body kept moving.  We are talking acting 101 here.  If you get killed in a scene, no moving.  Not even a little bit.  Someone needs to do this pup a favor and break her the news that her career in dog acting is over before it started.

If I had to rank this puppy against the greatest movie dogs of all time it would look something like this:

1. Beethoven
2. Buddy
3. Marley
4. Lady
5. Tramp
6. Toto
7. Einstein
8. Benji
9. Lassie
10. Bolt

11 —> thru Every other dog on the planet

THIS DOG. Smh…..

Love your dog??? Love your friends?? Love you friends taking care of your dog?  
If it’s a YES, YES, & YES then you should join DoggyBnB, a dog sitting social network where friends help friends take care of their dogs.



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The Girl Next Door (doggy re-boot)

This plot is for a fictional doggy re-boot of the 2004 hit, The Girl Next Door

Tell me this movie doesn’t sound puggin’ awesome.

Handsome French Bulldog pup Mason has just graduated from DooGood Dog Academy, and has been itching to get out and about to meet other dogs in the neighborhood. He’s allowed out in his backyard but his parents haven’t taken him dog walking in the hood or let him socialize with other dogs just yet.  His life suddenly gets turned upside down when a charismatic French Bulldog rescue pup, Daniella  is adopted by the hoomans next door. Mason sees her staring out the front door from his bedroom window, and she sees him and starts barking. Both of them start barking back and forth until finally the neighbors walk over with Daniella,  knocking on the door and introducing themselves to Masons parents. They suggest that Mason and Daniella play together, have dog sitting slumber parties and walks around the neighborhood.

While taking a stroll around the block, Daniella casually scoots in front of Mason in order for him to purposely fall behind her to sniff her backside thoroughly. Mason really likes what he smells and the two get to know each other through weird adventures, which includes  pooping in the neighbors yard together, burying bones in the garden and skinny dipping in the backyard pool. He and Daniella become inseparable, always going for walks with the dog walker together and regularly having dog sitting nights with at one another’s house.  When a few of the other dogs in town attempt to befriend Daniella and other pet parents offer to be her dog sitter, Mason fearing he might lose her forever, overcomes his shyness and courageously walks up to Daniella at the dog park and kisses her……To Mason’s surprise, Daniella had been waiting for that kiss since the moment she caught him staring out the window at her……




So what do you think????????? Should we submit the script??




Sid the Dog Loves People Food in His Mouth But Doesn’t Eat It

God damn it Sid. You sly little dog. How in the hell do you have more self control than 99.9% of hoomans? Stick a slice of pizza, waffles, handful of bacon, a cheeseburger, donut or hot dog anywhere near my mouth and it has maybe t-20 seconds before it’s resting peacefully in the bottom of my belly.

Yet Sid the Dog, cruises around America and Canada in a car with his super dad Alex Hopes, looking for adventure, meeting people and stuffing people food in his mouth. I don’t know how he does it. I know know why Sid looks high as hell and I don’t know if Sid gets to eat the food after. What I do know is, I need to learn a few lessons from Sid about self control and apply it to my own life.

 Sid Loves Pizza

Sid ❤️ pizza #sidvid

A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

Sid Loves Bacon


Sid ❤️ bacon #sidvid A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

 Sid Loves Cheeseburger

Sid ❤️ cheeseburger #sidvid

A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

 Sid Loves Waffle

Sid ❤️ waffle A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

 Sid Loves Cookie

Sid love da cookie

A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

 Sid Loves Hot Dog

Sid ❤️ hotdog #sidvid #weeklyfluff A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

 Sid Loves Doughnut

Sid ❤️ doughnut #sidvid #weeklyfluff #gourdoughs

A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

If you love Sid as much as I do, follow Sid and his adventures on Instagram  @myregalbeagle

Sid’s dad Alex, is exhibiting his first photo collection documenting these adventures in Austin, TX this weekend if you are in the area. This exhibit will be more of an event.  There will be a photo booth, a violin set, a dog (who will surely shed on you), interactive images and complimentary beverages graciously provided by Deep Eddy Vodka and Hops and Grain! There will be smaller images, as well as larger prints available for purchase and tickets and drinks for up to 400 people.

That’s right, Sid the Dog, Free Booze and dog photos galore. Get your ticket here to attend:  TICKETS




Snoring Pug Floats in Bath With its Balls Out

It’s impossible to be more relaxed than this pug, who is passed out snoring, floating in a tub with its balls out on a hot summer day. To say I’m jealous would be the understatement of the century. The dog has achieved a level of relaxation that we hoomans can only dream of.

I can’t even go 30 seconds without getting stress and anxiety about a new like, share or notification blowing up my phone yet this handsome little pug is just snoozing and snoring without a worry in the world while a bunch of little twerps are screaming next to him and a lady with arguably the most annoying voice in the world is yapping non stop.

Would I like to be this pug? PUG YEAH!

Now, could you imagine dog sitting for this guy? Talk about a job that is a piece of cake.   A bath tub, a pug, warm water and voila— dog sitter of the year.  Don’t laugh but this could be you, if you signed up on DoggyBnB as a pet sitter and boarded or watched friends dogs or dogs in your social network. Give it a shot and download the app today.


Stupid Dog Haircuts in Taiwan Are All the Rage and Need to Stop ASAP

Apparently this is the new hottest designer dog trend and all the rage in Taiwan and THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW.

Hey Taiwan! Yes, I am talking to you.  What in the #$&! are you people thinking.  You need to cut this crap out right now.  Who said this was a good idea? You are doing it for likes and shares on social media?? Who finds this cool? How is this a trend? Do any of these dogs look like they are happy to you?  Do any of them look pumped to have their heads cut like an instagram icon and a bowling ball??  The answer is NO. NO they don’t.   If these pictures aren’t cries for help then I don’t know what is.  The eyes tell the whole story.


taiw1taiw2 taiw3 taiw5 taiw6 taiw7 taiw4


Daily Mail– It may look absurd, but a bizarre new dog grooming trend is beginning to take shape in Taiwan. The craze involves having your pet pooch shaped into a sphere or a square – with the desired effect being a more eye-grabbing and clean-cut look. In a method reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands’s trimming of a hedge, canine hairdressers in the Taiwanese capital Taipei are giving particularly furry customers outlandish makeovers. ’ Pictures of doe-eyed dogs with their shapely new cuts have proved extremely popular online prompting more owners to seek out the custom salons.


Granted,  shaping their haircuts to look like a square is better than any other kind of torture they do over there but jeezus, what the fck. Are there any animal rights activists that can help put a stop to this. Torture is torture and I can tell from looking at those dogs that they are pissed they have to look like that and have no say in the matter.

Could you imagine seeing some @sshole walking their dog  around like that here in the US. That person should be punched right in the face.  No more of this crap Taiwan.  Stop the madness.