Baby Sea Otter Doing the Backstroke Parts the Skies on a Rainy Thursday

Well I woke up feeling like today was just gonna be the grossest most worthless day ever. I was totally planning on not showering, working in my sweats, canceling all appointments and avoiding going outside at all costs.  Then I saw this post about a rescued baby otter at the Shed Aquarium from Buzzfeed Animals and BOOM! – it’s adorable cuteness parted the sky, shined sun all around me and flipped my day upside down.

Her baby otter noises, her fluffiness, her flawless ability to do the backstroke like she’s Michael Phelps and her taking to the bottle like  a newborn just oozes pure cuteness and happiness. If this doesn’t change your day and make it feel like its the best day in the world despite mother nature pissing all over us then I don’t know what will.




This Rescued Baby Otter Will Shock You With Its Fluffiness


This Rescued Baby Otter Will Shock You With Its Fluffiness

Is it possible to be any cuter?  h/t to Buzzfeed for the cuteness.


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