Barktober: October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, Live Love & Save a Furry Life!!

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Animals bring unconditional love and make us better people when they come into our lives, but so many animals are still living in shelters; desperately needing a home.  As we get ready to turn the calendar page on September,  October has been designated by the ASPCA as National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month as the organization hopes to raise awareness about shelter animals and promote involvement within the community, uniting us in thought and action, by adopting a shelter animal and saving a furry life.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.  –Ghandi


The spiritual, emotional, and physical gifts that animals bring are countless. There’s nothing more uplifting then having an animal greet you at the front door after a long day, with a welcoming woof and wagging tail or hello meow! The four-legged don’t care if you closed the deal or made the boss rollover, they are just plain happy to see you.

Pets, warm our hearts but also benefit our hearts, literally. Whether it’s taking your pooch for a healthy walk through the park, or rolling a ball of yarn across the floor for your cat to chase, you are moving! Exercising with your pet; dancing to your favorite songs, jogging through the neighborhood, or swimming together is incredibly advantageous for your own longevity, as well as your animals.

Animals, especially canines have an uncanny ability to sense when a person is down, depressed, and has a sad case of the blues. They bring the lonely elderly person comfort and companionship, lowers their blood pressure, increases exercise activities, and decelerates certain types of dementia.


The furry angels help heal our wounded veterans; studies prove dogs are therapeutic in the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) and other military-related stresses. Dogs react to a soldier’s anxiety attacks, assist with getting out of bed or chairs for mobility restricted warriors, retrieve prosthetic limbs, canes, or dropped items, and corner-go in front of the soldier and check around corners if someone is there and alert by tail wag. Dogs are incredible creatures that give much and often.

Wild and domestic animals give us much to be grateful for; imagine a world without them, it would be less colorful in every way.  By adopting an animal from a shelter you are giving it a chance, sometimes against all odds.

Senior animals are often not adopted because of their age, but they make perfect pets. Fostering and adopting a senior pet is a responsibility but can also be a rewarding experience for people looking to rescue a shelter dog or give senior animal’s hope.  Most people want to adopt pups or kittens, overlooking their more seasoned counterparts.

Animals that have endured inhumane treatment often require extra time, devotion and a commitment of love due to the abuse. Their behavior can reflect this by being shy, undemonstrative, aggressive, and erratic. Special trainers that deal specifically with abused animals can provide tips and sessions.

For the whole month of October, let’s show our thanks for all the joy and love animals provide the planet by adopting an animal, volunteering at a shelter, or joining an animal or wildlife organization.

Click here to find a local animal shelter near you!

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