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Last week, a Twitter conversation got us thinking …

Several Spark 2014 Conference goers were talking about apps and their potential to revolutionize apartment living. Apps are on the upswing, and many are capable of providing remarkable conveniences to residents-everything from doorstep meal delivery to hassle-free packaging and shipping.

In the Twitter Chat, we talked About how  cool  These Apps Would be for Residents to use. And then someone posed a great question:

It sparked a little discussion here at Canonball about how “conveniences” are becoming the new “amenities” in multifamily and apartment marketing. What we mean is, hardwood floors and resort-style pools are becoming less a point of differentiation. Residents want what, particularly  Millennials , Modern conveniences are over Luxury: charging stations in the lobby, Pet Amenities, effortless Recycling, etc. That’s not to say luxury amenities and high-end finishes do not matter to residents-just that they’re becoming less a point of differentiation in attracting residents.

So how could these apps benefit multifamily properties? Raising residents ‘awareness of these kinds of apps conveys your property’s dedication to providing them as many modern conveniences as possible: “Anything we can do to make residents’ lives easier, we will.” It’s a form of relationship-building, and it’s the  Customer-centric Approach  That differentiates properties in Today’s Environment cluttered.

Check out some up-and-coming apps that have the power to make residents’ lives easier:


apartment appsFor busy Professionals, Preparing weekday meals CAN be A hassle (Grocery shopping, cooking, etc.).  Munchery  is A Mobile app That Delivers Prepared meals right to your doorstep. What’s their value proposition? Beyond the convenience, Munchery is both local and eco-friendly-two lifestyle trends that are increasingly important to the Millennial demographic. All meals are made ​​with natural, local ingredients and packaging material is 100% recycled. All residents need to do is place meals in the oven or microwave, and they’re ready in minutes. Meals are made ​​fresh each weekday.

mailing shipping app apartmentsShyp

Shyp  is an app That Provides an Easy and convenient way to send and Receive packages from A Mobile device without Leaving the apartment. The process is simple: residents just need to take a photo of the item to be shipped and specify the final destination. Shyp will then pick up the item, package it, and ship it off. For busy apartment-dwellers, a doorstep packaging and shipping service has the potential to be a remarkable convenience.

 alt =DoggyBnB

DoggyBnB  Provides A Safe and Easy way to create trustworthy A Pet-care Community. This app allows residents to tap their social networks to find friends and neighbors who can take care of their pets. Think of DoggyBnB as a digital babysitting service for pets. Payments are all handled within the app, which also allows pet-owners to set up playdates with other users. As more and more furry residents move into multifamily properties, apps like DoggyBnB hold a great potential value for residents.

Currently, these apps are only offered in select cities (San Francisco, New York). However, like all great ideas, their reach will expand quickly. Keep an eye out for these and other apps that could make life easier for your residents. Sharing simple conveniences goes a long way.

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