Shelter Dogs Star in Music Video by Country Music Duo, Dan + Shay

Are you ready for a good love story or better yet a doggy love story??  Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, better known as the country music duo Dan + Shay took the opportunity to raise awareness for animal rescue by starring a supporting cast of 40 shelter dogs in their new video “Nothin’ Like You”, which they filmed in Nashville earlier this summer.

“The goal was to showcase these dogs and how cute they are and get everyone excited about how you can find a great dog or a great companion to come home with you at a shelter or a rescue,” said Smyers, who adopted his dogs from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. The Nashville rescue also provided dogs to appear in the video.

The duo were pitched a number of different ideas to run with for the video, but when the idea for a love story between dogs came up, they couldn’t say no.

“Everybody is like, ‘Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with the song but we love it,’” Smyers said. “It’s an awesome, entertaining visual for a good cause.”

Smyers laughed that he and Mooney are really just by-standers in the video that has them chasing two love-struck canines through streets, down stairs, and through a river before sliding into a mud pit. “Everybody is saying, ‘Aww, they’re so cute.’ It’s like, ‘Cool adopt them. Perfect.’”

The singer called the video shoot “one of the best days of my entire life” and said he and Mooney were trying to use their voices “ in a positive light.”

Here are some more behind the scenes looks:

dog animated GIF

dog animated GIF

dog animated GIF

dog animated GIF

dog animated GIF

nothinlikeyou animated GIF

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