Dog Awakes Her Buddy From A Scary Dream, Then Cuddles Him

Jackson, a 1 year old Double Doodle (half goldendoodle and half labradoodle) was taking a nap and having a really  bad dream when his sister Laika came to the rescue, jumping on top of him, giving him a shake and a snuggle to to calm him down.

While this was one of the cutest displays of friendship I’ve ever seen there are a few things that we can’t overlook:

1.   Did anyone catch that Jackson is a Double Doodle? Since when are Double Doodles a thing?  Are there more of these designer designer dogs? What are they? Jackson sounds and looks like one of the funnest, cutest and cuddliest dogs ever.  And Laika is no slouch either. I wanna set up a play date with Jackson.  And no, not for my pup, but for me.  So if you are listening Jackson, connect with me on the DOGGYBNB APP.  Let’s Party.

2.   Is anyone else curious what Jackson was dreaming about? Was it no more belly rubs?  Was he chasing a rabbit? Did he think he got adopted by the Kardashians? So many possibilities. What do you think?

3.    While I was doing my research for this blog, it’s come to my attention that Jackson has an instagram acount. I don’t know why I just all of the sudden became a stalker but here is a bunch of pictures of this adorable little DOUBLE DOODLE.   Seriously Jackson. Can we please hangout?

Jackson the Double Doodle

jackson1 jackson2 jackson3 jackson4

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