Doggy Swag: The ‘All American’ Mullet Wig For Your Dog

This’ll Be The Best $10 You Ever Spend on Your Pup

It’s really quite simple. ‘The All American’ Mullet Wig for dogs is a must have purchase for all Pup Parents. Its swag x swag x swag x Infinity and might be the greatest accessory you can buy for your pup. Best of all, it only costs $10.00.

Whether you own a dog or one of your friends have one you love, them beautiful four legged friends in your life deserve to wear this mullet and be the baddest, hippest and swag pup around.  By not purchasing one of these All American Mullets, you’re basically mistreating and neglecting your best friends and should be ashamed of yourself.

Your dog needs this mullet. And it needs it right now.  So  get your dog the gift that it rightfully deserves.  It will be the gift that keeps on giving as you’ll be rich in selfies, Instagram worthy content and the most popular pup parent in town of celebidog that everyone wants to take pictures with.

And if you’re not feeling the All-American style but still want the mullet for your dog, you can pick up the Beachcomber Mullet instead, where your dog can enjoy sand, seaweed and sun with this “lady gettin” alternative…Enjoy!

beachcomber dog mullet wig beachcomber dog mullet wig beachcomber dog mullet wig

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