DoggyBnB 101: People You Trust With Your Pet & the Network Effect

The central idea behind DoggyBnB is that we want pet parents, the friends that help them and service providers all to benefit in a more efficient way by leveraging their social graph and having on demand access to each other through shared trust and tiered connections. Every pet parent has specific people they are comfortable with and turn to naturally.  By bringing those trusted options on to DoggyBnB and than connecting with other pet parents and animal lovers, networks will expand, trusted options will become plentiful and our most precious family members will be loved while we as pet parents get peace of mind.

People You Trust

Nothing is more important once you decide to join DoggyBnB and create an account than building out your network of people you trust. They can be friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors or even professional pet care providers you’ve used at some point. We identify them as Buddies.Connections_Image_FB

Non pet owners that love animals get the benefit of cuddling and bonding with a friends’ pet as if they were their own without feeling cornered when asked directly at the last minute to help.  It’s great for those that cannot make the commitment to full time pet ownership or want to make $$ or supplemental income if so inclined.


Professional pet care providers, part time dog walkers and entrepreneurs have great businesses and in most cases are beloved by the families they help and would absolutely love to expand their business through referrals, word of mouth and personal recommendations. By inviting the friends you turn to naturally, you increase the power of DoggyBnB by creating more options through your network.

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The Network Effect:

The network effect is the effect that one user of a good or service has on the value of that product to other people. When network effect is present, the value of a product or service increases as more people use it.  Over time, positive network effects can create a bandwagon effect through word of mouth and utilization as the value obtained for a good or service is greater than the price paid(for pet care). The network then becomes more and more valuable as more people join in a positive feedback loop.networking effect v2   With DoggyBnB,  the networking effect will have significant positive effects to each party mentioned above that subscribes and participates. With authentic trust between pet parents and their primary pet care options serving its main currency, each additional user will add additional value to each and every other user.

  • Pet parents will get on-demand pet care from people they know and trust giving them priceless peace of mind
  • Friends can offer their services indirectly and volunteer to help on their terms
  • Professional service providers can expand their reach and grow their businesses exponentially for free through their primary connections and the value of shared trust.

There are so many benefits to everyone involved for ditching the age old system for pet care in favor of an on-demand model that we all deserve that represents the best and most efficient aspects of networks and technology. While there have been many companies that have improved the pet care industry to date, we think we offer a radically different experience and solution by looking at the most disruptive and innovative companies across the world today like Uber, LinkedIn, Airbnb and applying the best features of all of them to pet care…   We look forward to moving forward and building not only a pet care network, by creating a technologically connected pet care community.





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