DoggyBnB is………What, Again?!?!?!

What is DoggyBnB?

Doggy Buddies and Boarders is a social network for pet care that will be launching in July 2014. The mission behind DoggyBnB is simple; give pet parents like ourselves, a straightforward and stress free solution for pet care that we all so desperately can use. By enabling pet owners to harness the power of their personal relationships and social networks, we allow you to create a support network around you and your pet that secures reliable care through friends and family that they trust.

When it comes to pets, WE at DoggyBnB are like everyone else, we love them like they are our children. Most of all, everyone knows how much you love your pet and many of your friends love your pet too! However, every once in a while you need help taking care of your pet and asking friends to help one by one can be time consuming and inefficient. Cornering someone at the last minute puts an unfair obligation on your friends and then there’s always that awkward situation about money. Searching through profiles of unfamiliar third party pet care providers can take time and be frustrating while kenneling can be expensive and stressful for both you and your pet. As pet owners, we all just want peace of mind that our pets are being well taken care of in a comfortable and safe environment. 

At DoggyBnB, we allow you to build a profile for you and your pet and then find or invite people you trust or share an authentic connection with by adding them to your network. Whenever you need help, whether its going away for a weekend or you’re stuck at work at the last minute, log on to DoggyBnB and with a few quick taps of the app providing details of the care you need, when you need it and a reward for help, you can push out a message called a WOOF, to your network all at once and wait for the offers to come to you.  If none of your 1st degree connections are available or you really need someone right away, you can expand your options to 2nd and 3rd degree connections by tapping into and leveraging your friends trusted 1st degree support network.

If any of your  “Buddies” or “Boarders”(2nd & 3rd level connections) fetch the woof you sent out, you’ll get a list of options and get to choose who you want to help. What’s more, the app includes an in-app messenger feature for pet owners to vet the “fetches,” confirm services and coordinate any logistics. Once service is completed, the provider receives a seamless automatic payment or non-monetary compensation through Braintree, the parent company of Venmo.

What else can it do?

In addition to being a tool for dog owners to secure reliable pet care, DoggyBnB is a place for dog lovers to earn money all the time. Say you want to make some extra money for the weekend or or get some steady income. Whether you are a dog owner, a friend or just need extra cash, as long as you are directly connected to a dog owner, you can turn on the boarder option within your profile and make yourself available to dog owners in your network(think of the linkedIn effect) and fetch open jobs all the time. 

For independent dogwalkers or boutique businesses, DoggyBnB provides a platform for independent pet caretakers to network with potential new clients. Tell pet owner that you provide pet care service to sign up and have them add you to their network. By being a part of a pet owners trusted network, they are verifying you as a reliable and trustworthy option. As they build their network out and connect with other pet owners, you instantly become viewable to them as a 2nd or 3rd level connection, broadening the scope of your services for FREE. By using the app as a tool for networking, pet caretakers stand to benefit enormously.

What is this Sniffer thing?

“Sniffer” is an optional feature we have inside the app that is like doggy tinder but for pet parents only! We realize that everyone’s situation is unique and that you may be new to an area or neighborhood with a limited amount of people you really know to add to your network. We wanted to come up with a fun and helpful way for pet owners to connect with each other to build community. With Sniffer, we allow you the potential to connect with other dog owners to set up doggy play-dates, make friends or find friends of friends you might be connected to in the network. We allow you to filter out potential connections based on gender, age, proximity and dog weight. We’ll display a sneak peak of the dog and parents profile as well as pictures, and you decide yes or no by swiping right or left. Using a double confirmation process of approval, once you match we connect you and let you start chatting. The rest is up to you!!!!!!!!!

What else…???

This is just the beginning but first things first…We have to get users on the network…Tell your friends, refer us to dog lovers and share this with everyone you know… the network grows, there are soooo many more features and dog related services we have planned it will make your tail wag as you jump up and down!!!!





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