#FeedMeFridays: Bacon Pumpkin Butter Biscuits AND Dogs Eating Peanut Butter in Slow Motion (Video)

Last Friday we introduced our weekly #FeedMeFriday segment, in a blog post titled “FeedMeFridays: Pumpkin Doggy Froyo Pops” discussing the enormous health benefits  of pumpkin for pets with help from our good friend The Dog Chef, Kevyn Matthews. Given the time of the year where the craving pumpkin seems endless, we thought why stop a good thing and will continue to experiment and load up with as much pumpkin as we can and provide recipes and related fun each Friday for the remainder of the month.

For those that didn’t catch last weeks post nor hit the link above, be sure to check out the Pumpkin Doggy Froyo Pops and read about the benefits to your pet with digestives issues,  urinary tract health and weight loss. While not every recipe will reduce that waistline and tone up their tush for other dogs to sniff at the park, they  will provide a fun bonding experience and be an easy home made  treat for you to give your pet.



Dogs Eating Peanut Butter in Slow Motion

(via Buzzfeed and DoggyBnB user Danielle Audain for the tip)

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