#FeedMeFriday: SuperBowl Sunday Banana Treats For Your Pup

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In this week’s edition of #FeedMeFriday, we bring you a  SuperBowl Sunday, Super Simple,  Super Savory recipe that you can make to share with your pet during the big game while saving a lot of money for dog owners at the treat’s store!

Banana treats, if given in small portions, can be highly beneficial for your beloved pooch. Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps maintain the health of nerves and muscles in your dog’s body. This yellow fruit is also full of vitamin C, which passes through your dog’s kidneys and into the bladder, where it helps prevent bladder infections. In puppies, vitamin C has also been known to play a role in bone formation. Bananas are also known to increase the amount of natural sugar in the body, which can give your pup an energy boost. But, because of the high levels of potassium and carbs, banana treats are meant to be enjoyed in moderation.


Homemade Banana Treat Recipebanana-dog-treats

Recipe courtesy of sisters Laurie Morse-Dell and Hollie Dietz of Pup’s Place


Bananas (however many you would like)


Slice the banana’s about ¼ inches thick

Arrange on a baking sheet and bake at 250 degrees for 3 hours, turning halfway through, they will be gooey during the halfway mark, but will dry up for the final product.


Have a recipe you love and want to share? Shoot it to us at and we’ll make you part of our weekly #FeedMeFriday posts.   Until next week, Paws Up!


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