#FeedMeFridays – 17 Days of Puppies in Pumpkins & Rosemary Pumpkin Jerky

Well believe it or not, its already Oct 17 which means we’ve had 17 glorious days of obsessing over all things pumpkin in October. During the first half of October we focused on the health benefits of pumpkin for your pet while dropping delicious pumpkin inspired recipes for Pumpkin Froyo Pops and Bacon Pumpkin Butter Biscuits.

To celebrate each day and the love of our furry friends, we bring you 17 puppies in pumpkins that will melt your heart… These little nuggets  should provide you just enough pick me up to get you through the last 2 hours of your week.



For those looking for a fresh new recipe to tackle over the weekend with your BFF, fear not, as this week we’re pointing you to a a super easy and mouthwatering Rosemary Pumpkin Jerky recipe courtesy of the Doggy Dessert Chef with more goodies and fun stuff available if you follow her on Twitter.

Let the cuteness overload begin NOW:

puppypumpkin1 puppypumpkin2 puppypumpkin3 puppypumpkin4 puppypumpkin5 puppypumpkin6 puppypumpkin7 puppypumpkin8 puppypumpkin9 puppypumpkin10 puppypumpkin11 puppypumpkin12puppypumpkin14 puppypumpkin15 puppypumpkin16 puppypumpkin17 puppypumpkin13



Cheers everyone and have the Best Weekend EVER!!!!


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