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Frenchie Pup Loses it’s Mind When Asked to Go For a Walk, Perfectly Sums Up Mondays

Do you ever talk to your dog and ask it questions like “who’s a good boy?” or “do you want to go for a walk?” with the expectation that it knows what you’re saying. I ask my little 9yr old cavalier Maggie if she wants to go for a walk all the time and without fail she tilts her head at me at an angle and just stares at me like “What the fck are you saying”.

This Frenchie pup’s interest in going for a walk is pretty much identical to how the entire planet feels about Mondays.

Which leads us to this adorable little French Bulldog puppy that literally loses it’s sh*t when asked to go for a walk by it’s owner. I can’t tell if this ball of love actually hates the idea of going for a walk or is excited in the same way I was when my mom would ask me if I wanted to go get ice cream.

The human doggy blogger in me wants to believe this little pup hates walks as much as I hate taking a shower, brushing my teeth, going to the gym or even going outside to smell the fresh air and simply wants to sit around all day, get belly rubs and eat food rather than deal with the brutal humidity and heat of being outside.

The optimist and little kid in me however believes that this pup is so excited to go outside and see the world that it can even contain itself. That dog walking  for it is the equivalent of one of those priceless childhood moments, like being taken to an amusement park or to get an ice cream cone or playing kickball with your friends or opening up presents on Christmas morning.  And just like at each and every one of those moments, it’s literally the greatest day of it’s life.

What do you think about this fired up little dumpling?  Share your thoughts below.

“Do you wanna go for a -“

Posted by Nova 100 on Friday, July 3, 2015

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