Hottest Apps This Summer for Business Travelers

Since AVE specializes in providing flexible-stay furnished accommodations, we understand the pain points of extended business travel. We’re all about convenience, and that’s why we love apps. We talked to some road warriors and industry experts to find out some of the hottest apps this summer to enhance your travel experience.


In Spanish, camino means “the way.” The app Kamino shows travelers a way to experience a new city. Using geotargeting, it shares attractions near the user and allows them to build walking tours in that neighborhood. After placing desired spots like local attractions, restaurants, or shopping in order, the Kamino app will generate a map and create a hike with direction. “I’ve been using [Kamino] in my hometown of D.C. and during business trips – so far my only complaint is sore feet from too much walking and the small fortune I’ve paid at shops/eateries I discovered along my hikes. It really is a great app!” says user Aaron Kraus. A bonus – Kamino’s social features offer insight and imagery from locals and explorers who came before.

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Just because you’re away from the office doesn’t mean you won’t need one where you’re going. While the coffee shop offers free WiFi, it’s not the ideal environment for a conference call. Using geotargeting or zip code search, Liquid Space enables business travelers to easily find and book an available office or meeting room, by the hour or day. It even includes photos and reviews. The app’s marketplace currently boasts more than 5,000 workspaces in more than 530 cities across the United States and Australia. Available workspaces include everything from premier business suites to co-working spaces to hotel meeting rooms. “LiquidSpace is an incredibly efficient tool. It allows me to compare multiple spaces as I’m on the go to figure out what makes the most sense for me in whatever city I travel to,” says user Scott Gerber. “It’s a very plug-and-play way to make a decision and then just walk in and say ‘I’m here.’ Anything that creates that level of efficiency is definitely not just important but vital.”

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Whether they bike for fitness or for leisure, biking enthusiasts find it logistically difficult and expensive to do so while traveling for business. Thanks to Spinlister, road warriors will no longer have to tote their bikes with them on business. Bike owners list their bikes for rent on its marketplace, then travelers can browse listings, complete with photos, accessories, and the rental price. Once they “Request the Ride,” a reservation is sent to the lister. A chat feature allows both parties to discuss dropoff and pickup without sharing private information, and a secure payment is made directly through the app. “I’m an avid cyclist/triathlete and often travel for business. Prior to discovering Spinlister, I had to pay expensive fees to fly with my bike, or I had to skip crucial training days,” says user Paul Hekimian. “With Spinlister, I can request to rent any kind of bike from people in any city I’m traveling to. I’ve met some awesome people and have saved tons of money!”



During the summer, business travelers need a quiet escape from vacationers at the airport so they can work. Not only does LoungeBuddy show travelers available lounges at their current airport and their location, they highlight which they can access for free or for a one-time fee. The app has also compiled a database of hundreds of elite statuses, credit cards, and lounge membershisp so all access methods are covered in its system. Need to take a shower upon arrival before your next meeting? Use LoungeBuddy’s filters to find one that suites your needs. “As a business traveler that logs well over 100,000 miles per year, LoungeBuddy has helped bring a ray of sunshine to the misery of waiting in airports,” says user Jaime Siegel. “LoungeBuddy lets me know about lounge options that I never would have known about to make travel more bearable.”



“As a partner in an LA-based tech company, there can be a lot of last-minute travel required when meeting with clients. This is not so easy logistically when you’re a proud pet parent of two. The thought of leaving my pups with a stranger has always been very unsettling,” explains Dan Joldzic. “I have had to call friends constantly, finally turning to my parents, who, lucky for me, live close enough to help. The problem for me was trust and the stress faced by my dogs when stuck in an unfamiliar environment.” The DoggyBnB app uses social networking to secure quick, convenient, and trustworthy pet care for pet parents on the go. It allows pet owners to build out networks of personal contacts. Users send a single broadcast message called a “Woof,” when they need help, which is delivered to their trusted network of family and friends, who can then volunteer if they can help.

DoggyBnB, Breakout Social Network for Pet Care, Launches on Apple App Store
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