Love Has No Bounds: Tiny Terrier Gets Rottweiler Pregnant and the Puppies are Magical

Teresa Patterson is a proud doggy mama to her beloved Rottweiler, Zara and her tiny little West Highland Terrier, Joey.  The two love running around and playing with each other but that friendship evolved in something more when Joey mated with Zara (who is over twice is size) at some point, leaving Patterson completely unaware until a litter of 11 never seen before ‘Wottie” puppies were born.


According to Patterson, “Zara didn’t know what to do and I just started screaming when the puppies started popping out.

“I was completely shocked, I didn’t think nature would let this happen but at some point it did,” says Patterson










Shortly after birth, Zara quickly lost interest in the puppies, leaving Joey to take care of the pups and unfortunately 4 of them died. Patterson stepped in and began feeding the seven remaining animals Weetabix and scrambled egg to keep them strong, and even gave them Horlicks to help them sleep.

Patterson says that all of the Wottie pups have a lovely temperament like their parents but are high maintenance needing attention all the time. Her sons grabbed two of the pups from the litter and she found homes for the remaining five.

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