DoggyBnB App: Making it Simple to Get a Dog Sitter Using Your Social Network

DoggyBnB,  Connecting Pet Parents to Friends and Local Dog Sitters in Your Social Network

It’s a new year and a new us.  We are excited to announce that we are starting 2015 with a shiny new makeover to the DoggyBnB app, which is a convenient and safe way to get reliable pet care from friends and local care providers in your social network. DOWNLOAD or GET THE UPDATE NOW home_images For those seeing or hearing about DoggyBnB for the very first time, our concept is fairly simple; the DoggyBnB app makes it easy to connect pet owners to friends & trusted dog sitters through your personal social network.  As pet parents, we believe the best place for pets is by our side but when we can’t be, we believe pets and parents are happiest relying on friends, family and dog sitters they have a connection to.  For most families,  getting care for your child is personal. At DoggyBnB, we help you grow a family for your pet so you have a go-to network of dog sitters you know at your fingertips, leaving you at ease while you go away. Here is how it works:

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The DoggyBnB app makes it easy to build a family for your pet by adding and organizing all the people you would turn to naturally for help in one place. You start by adding and inviting close friends (who could help while you’re away), connections and pro’s you trust that are on the network.


Next time you need a day or night out, post a request to your network in seconds. It’s clean, easy, and faster than calling around. If no one can help, ask trusted friends from their networks or pro’s they’ve used in the past.


Love pets? Help friends, earn extra cash, or start a business doing something you love.


DoggyBnB turns the pet obsessed friends you trust into a community of pet care options and your phone into a tool to utilize them. Relying on authentic trust as the most valued currency, DoggyBnB transforms personal and social networks into support system with tiered connections for pets and their owners, saving time, eliminating stress, and providing conscientious pet parents priceless peace of mind

Wanna See a Video on How it Works. Watch This:

  Instead of going through a list of friends, searching online for strangers or considering a kennel the next time you need someone to take care of your pet, tap into your dog sitting network on DoggyBnB and ‘Keep it in the family’.

Download or Update the App on iTunes  


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