Most Pup-ular and Common FAQ’s After Week 1

Can you explain the Network? How do I see people? I’m not sure I understand.

Think of it like LinkedIn for pet care where your 1st degree connections, the people you turn to naturally; friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors become your support team and inner circle of trust when you need help. Instead of asking them one by one, making them feel obligated or dealing with that awkward conversation about money, you broadcast a message called a WOOF to them all at once, with the details of the job and a reward/incentive of your choice and let the help come to you. If friends want to help, they “Fetch” the woof and you get to select from a list of preferred caretakers. Once you confirm a job, DoggyBnB will help you manage all the logistics all the way to payment which is done seamlessly in the app through Braintree. If your inner circle of friends can’t help, that’s ok. DoggyBnB has a networking effect and tiered connections. If you are friends with other dog owners, you can access their inner circle and most trusted support team. DoggyBnB relies on the principle of shared trust. If I trust you and you trust them, then I should trust them because I trust you. Everyone you see in DoggyBnB will be through someone you know and we will always show you that connection and allow you to contact your mutual or shared connection.

How do I find people or invite people?

As far as finding your friends or neighbors already on DoggyBnB so you can become part of their support team and watch their dogs you have to keep in mind we’ve only been out a week so most people don’t even know we exist….YET. We’ve been available for less than 10 days so have to continue spreading the word and making sure people hear about us. As time goes by, through word of mouth, social awareness and marketing, users will find out about DoggyBnB and options (Buddies) around you will populate and become more clustered at an accelerated rate. For now, if you know someone, tell them about us. It will be the easiest path to making you the most popular person in the neighborhood. In the meantime the best thing we can do for now is walk you through checking to see if anyone you know is on DoggyBnB.

  •  -tap the Find & Invite button on the bottom of your home screen
  • -next screen you should see 2 circles with Invite & Find. Tap Find
  • -next you should see 2 circles that say Contacts & Facebook. Tap Contacts.
  • -if anyone in your phone contact book has signed up for DoggyBnB they will populate here. Tap add.

If no one has showed up yet, don’t worry…Tap the back button in the upper left corner 2x and try inviting people instead.

  • -the screen should say choose an invite method. Facebook, Email or Text.
  • -If you have some of your neighbors contact information stored in your phone you can invite them by clicking either text or email.
  • -In both cases, we have pre-drafted a nice little message that you can send easily to whomever you want by just adding them from your contact books.
  • -If email is your preferred method and most of your friends and neighbors emails are easier for you to get from your desktop computer email client, then tap email and enter your own email address and send it to yourself. You can then head over to the computer and open the message, forward it on to whomever you want to or you can copy and paste the message you sent to yourself into a new email and add emails of friends you want to join.

I don’t own a pet but I love taking care of them, how do I sign up and find people?

We are not just a service for pet parents. Non-pet owners and animal lovers can now spend time with furry friends, without the full commitment of ownership. They can connect in ways they have never been able to before, offering to help while making money at the same time. Want some bar money for the weekend? Hit Fetch and go to the map and volunteer to help all the pet parents you are connected in your neighborhood or through friends. Enable your boarder profile and be visible to 2nd and 3rd connections, allowing pet owners that are friends of your friends to contact you. The beauty of DoggyBnB is that no one you will ever see is random or a stranger. You share a connection with them though your social circles and personal relationships.

I’ve heard about Sniffer, is DoggyBnB a doggy dating site—I’m confused?

DoggyBnB is not a dating site. The media that has published articles on us loves the angle of doggy dating and matches made in puppy heaven. However, Sniffer is a very small feature we offer for pet owners to connect with like minded pet owners to make new friends, set up play dates and build community. New to a neighborhood, don’t now a lot of people where you live or recognize that person from the dog park as Maggie’s dad and want to break the ice or become friends outside of the park? Try Sniffer. To access Sniffer, tap that little dog nose/heart in the upper right corner. It will take you to a new screen in which you will begin seeing profile pairs of the pet and its owner. If you want to filter who you see, you can tap on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner.  This will take you to a setting screen where you can decide if you want to meet male or female owners, the age range of people you are interested in, the weight ranges that fit your pet as well as the radius of how far from where you live you want to see new people. If you’re interested in them you can either swipe right or tap the green paw and if you’re not interested, just swipe left or hit the red crossbones. If there is mutual interest between you both, we’ll connect you and let you message each other and go from there.

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