My Buddy & Me: Jasmine & Bambi (3 y/o Chihuahua)

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Jasmine P. & Bambi, her 3 y/o Chihuahua from New York, NY share with us their story and talk about life together in the Big City.  Jasmine and Bambi have tagged their roommate Lauren to share their stories next. You can watch Jasmine and Bambi’s story or read through their entire interview below. 

What made you decide to get a pet? BambIG4

It was actually funny. I didn’t actually decide to get a pet. Bambi sorta just came into my life. I had just gone through a break up and we shared a dog together and so I wasn’t able to really see the dog anymore….and spiraling down, depression. Decided to go visit my parents. As I’m on the way to visit my parents house, my dad calls and says there’s a small dog on the porch and she won’t go away. I was like well take her in the house and save her for when I get there. So he doesn’t take her into the house, he puts here in a box on the porch and she stays there for five hours until I get there. It turns out, it was this little thing, she was so emaciated and had like 30 ticks on her. So I took her to the Vet and cleaned her up and now she’s a New York City dog. That was a year ago.


Why did you name her Bambi? 

The Vet actually named her Bambi. I pretty much called her everything under the sun she was Peanut, she was Hazel, she was 50 other things and the Vet was like, she actually looks like a baby deer, you should name her Bambi and it sorta just stuck.

How did you know that Bambi was the right pet for you or the perfect pet for you?

It’s funny how I found her out of nowhere and I really took a risk taking a stray dog. I mean she could have been completely awful and completely tore up my house b ut Bambi is so much like me and we both are lazy and just enjoy lounging and she’s a great travel companion and she’s just so mellow and low-key. I just knew the first day I got her she was the perfect dog for me.

bambi2bambi8What’s your favorite thing about being a pet parent?

Is having your best friend with you all the time and she’s cute and little and I have a lot of good friends but Bambi is my very best friend.


Do you take her with you everywhere you go?

I like to. I try to. I think the most difficult part about being a pet parent is I want to take her a lot of places and travel with her, she’s a really great travel companion. But as many know, Amtrak, certain airlines, busses don’t allow dogs and for me that’s really frustrating because she’s like my child.  So I feel like if children are allowed, why is my child not allowed.


What’s your favorite memory with Bambi?

Actually the first time Bambi swimming is a really cute and funny memory I have. I found out that she’s a great swimmer but she actually hates the water but watching her swim is THE funniest thing of all time. Yes she likes it.



Has Bambi ever survive anything scary?

Bambi’s never survived anything scary but I think I’m such a neurotic dog parent that I think everything little thing she does is scary. So small dogs reverse sneeze. I just found this out. So the first time she did it, it literally is like they’re suffocating and having convulsions at the same time. So naturally I panicked, almost took her to the vet and then found out it was normal for small dogs. So, I saved myself probably $2000 bucks. [laughs]


How has being a pet parent or having a pet changed you?

I think that I’m a lot more responsible, especially living in New York, I mean going out all the time is the norm, Bambi has sort of grounded me a bit, made me a bit more centered so instead of going out every other night, I’m happy to come home and hang out with Bambi. So I’m actually really thankful for that.

How do you find care when you go away to take care of Bambi?

So sometimes for me that’s a challenge. Umm… my roommate actually has a dog also, so she takes care of her if ever I’m going away but we’re actually in the process of trying to plan a trip together so were going to have to try and figure out what we’re gonna do with the dogs. We don’t want to put them in a kennel and it’s hard to find someone who is willing to watch two dogs. Soooo…that will be our  next challenge in the coming months.


Does Bambi get along with the new dog?

They have their good days and bad days . He’s really really really active, the new dogs a puppy he’s only seven months old. She’s a little older and can’t handle it so she puts him in his place when needed.


When someone else is taking care of your pet do you ever feel stressed or anxiety when she’s not around you or by your side?

When someone takes care of my dog other than my roommate yes I’m definitely stressed. There is this one time where I had a good friend of mine watch her for a weekend and I felt like a crazy parent. I called, I texted every other hour to make sure she was okay. I think my biggest concern is I’m really neurotic about what I have laying around my house, whether if pills fall or something like that.  I just worry that other people don’t have the same care.

They say pet owners and their pet begin looking like or acting like it’s anything about Bambi that reminds you of you or vice versa.

It’s funny I actually get this a lot that bad me and I both look and act like. she has really good posture, She’ll often sit like this {shows hands crossed} with her arms crossed and apparently I do the same exact thing. {laughs}. We are both really tiny with little sticks for arms and legs so we often get it that we both look alike a lot

bambi10unnamed (1)

What’s the funniest thing Bambi has ever done?

The funniest thing that Danny has ever done is something that she does almost every day when she gets really excited when you’re home she does this little thing where she jumps while she’s laying down I can’t really explain it you’ll just have to see it but it’s more like she’s pouncing like {shows with hands} this back-and-forth and it’s so cute and funny it’s amazing


If there’s one thing you could change to make your life easier as a pet parent what would it be?

One thing that would definitely make my life easier as a pet parent, I think that if the veterinary system were changed a little bit. There are a lot of times you have to decide is it worth taking my dog to the vet or not. Of course your dog can’t talk to you and tell you if they’re sick. So you have to try to figure out what’s going on with them is severe or if it’s just regular diarrhea or something because they ate something.  Vet care is just so expensive, that especially as a 20-something living in New York you really have to determine whether not you want to pay $2000 for them to just tell you that your dog just has an upset stomach or not.


Does Bambi sleep with you at night?

Bambi sleeps with me every night in the bed. She actually has a really funny sleep practice. When I first got her it was very weird but she has to dive under the covers and sleep up against my stomach in a little ball. It’s actually really precious.



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