My Buddy & Me: Amanda A. & Buster (3 y/o Brussels Griffon)

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Amanda A. & Buster, her 3 y/o Brussels Griffon from Philadelphia, PA share with us all the fun and craziness that goes on during life with Buster.  Amanda & Buster have tagged fellow Philadelphia pet parents, Lisa S. and Jarrett K, to share their stories next. You can watch Amanda & Buster’s story \or read through her entire interview below. 

What made you decide to get a dog?

I decided to get a dog because I spent a weekend dog sitting my friends dog and it was a Brussels Griffon. I had never seen a Brussels Griffon before and I just fell in love the breed and think they are the best.

What made you decide on his name?

Well, I decided on Buster’s name because I wanted a dog named Buster so when to look for dogs I try to find a dog that looked like a Buster and well he does.

What’s your favorite thing about having buster?

My favorite thing about having Buster is having someone that is at the door every single time I come home that could not be more excited to see me. No matter if it’s late or early or if I’m in a bad mood he’s always super excited, jumping up and down, ready to greet me.

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you with Buster?

Buster really likes to get into the trash and one day when I was out he managed to rip open a bag of trash and he ate a whole bunch of chicken bones and he was sick for the entire evening. He really couldn’t do much as he just laid around and I wasn’t really sure what to do with him.  I ended up talking to my vet and had to watch him carefully for 24 hours to make sure he didn’t have to be rushed to the hospital but he end up fine because he’s a trooper but I know now I have to watch the trash better and make sure he doesn’t get in to any trouble.

What’s the most difficult thing about being a pet parent? 

I think the most difficult thing about being a pet parent is every time I need to leave the house and Buster follows me down to the door and looks at me like “Oh man I can’t believe you’re going somewhere without me!” It makes me just feel like I have someone that totally depends on me and I can’t be there all the time for him.

Describe the relationship between you and Buster?

Buster is pretty much my best friend. He follows me everywhere including to the bathroom, he does what I do, he’s in the kitchen when I cook dinner he’s on the couch when I’m watching TV, he’s literally with me probably more than anyone else so…best friends. Definitely.



How has being a pet parent change the way you think about life?

I think that is just showing me what it’s like to have someone that is totally dependent on you. He really, everything he does is dependent on on me and his whole world revolves around me which is kind of a little bit of responsibility I wasn’t expecting with a dog since this is my first pet, but I do love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

IMG_0916How do you find some to take care of Buster when you go away or get stuck in a jam like stuck at work or something?

Well I have a dog walker so she helps me out occasionally but it’s hard to get a hold of her at the last minute, especially if I’m stuck at work which happens a lot of times. I’m very lucky, my friends are very good friends and a lot of them are dog lovers and so they take care of Buster for me. But it can be a pain and hectic to kind of scramble because everyone has, as everyone knows, very busy schedules and getting people to help at the last-minute can be very difficult.

What’s the funniest thing busters ever done?

Well buster does a lot a pretty funny things but I think one of the things I find pretty amusing is he likes the root around in my hamper or suitcases when anyone is visiting and pull out all the underwear and take under my bed and create a little nest for himself that he can hang out in with all the little pairs of underwear.



What’s your favorite memory with Buster?

I think my favorite memory of Buster was this past summer. It was the first time I took him to the beach. He’d never seen the ocean before or the sand so he had the time of his life just running back-and-forth in the sand paying attention to nothing else trying to to figure out with the waves if he was scared of them or wanted to play with them. It was just fun watching him play and discover new things on the beach.

IMG_0915Have you ever felt stressed or frustrated trying to find someone to take care of Buster?

I think that I am lucky in that my friends do offer a lot but I sometimes worry about being a burden on them, I worry that people feel obliged to say yes when I ask them because they’re my friends, even though it may be inconvenient for them or not optimal or it may impede on their plans but they do it for me anyways because they are my friends and the love Buster and me.

faux hawkThey say parents in a pass to get a look-alike is there anything about Buster the reminds me of you or vice versa?

Maybe not in the way we look since I don’t have a beard or semi faux hawk but we’re both pretty klutzy, we both trip up and down the stairs, fall down a lot, kinda slide on the wood floor.. but I think that’s where our similarities probably end.

Last Question: If there was anything you could change to make it easier being a pet parent, what would it be?

I think one thing that would make it easier to be a pet parent would be just having more help on short notice. Like I said, I work a lot and my schedule is not so predictable which often gets me home late and it’s hard to find someone to walk him at the last minute or feed him and I know he’s way more happy when he’s on a natural schedule and not kind of subject to what I have going on in my life.


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