My Buddy & Me: Danielle P. & Charlie (4y/o Havanese)

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Danielle P. & Charlie, her 4 y/o Havanese from Los Angelese, CA share with us their story including how Charlie thinks he is the world’s best dog at hide and seek. Danielle has tagged her friend xxxxxx, to be up next. Watch Danielle and Charlie’s story or read through their entire interview below. 


unnamed-7What made you decide to get Charlie?

So I wanted to get a dog for a long time for couple reasons. One felt like I needed to prove to myself that I could that I could care about something other than myself and my immediate family and so I got a plant and a seed from an avocado kept that online for a couple years and finally decide I was ready to commit to a puppy and I’m glad

 What made you decide on his name?

So originally I wanted to name him Thor because I thought giving of fluffy white dog or small fluffy white dog would guarantee to give him a huge personality when that be kind of funny but when I met him he was just so sweet and adorable just didn’t quite fit so I had to rethink thatBut on the way home I met this older gentleman at the airport from Louisiana with the greatest accent you ever heard any chatted with me for about two hours and just talk about his kids in the law and Charlie soon as we parted ways it just dawned on me that should be my dogs nameso I named her after a complete stranger I’m at the airport and that’s I got the name Charlie

What’s the best part about being a pet parent?

The best part of being about being Charlie’s mom is coming  home to him from work every day.  get home kind of stressed out kind a wound up and he just so excited to see me that it just brightens my day.

unnamed-5What is your favorite memory with Charlie?

So one of my favorite memories of Charlie’s when I got to Central for the first time I love the ocean swimming I was wanted the dog is comfortable in the water since he was a baby he hated it but one summer not too long ago I was at my parents place, it was really hot is running chasing his best friend a chocolate lab and I And Apparently got warm enough that that he decided it was time to jump in the pool all by himself.

How has being a pet parent changed the way you think about life?

Being a pet parent being Charlie’s parent in particular has helped me to remember how I should find joy in the stupidest little things.  I mean this dog will chew on plastic bottles for hours like they’re the best thing in the world hand his constant sense of joy and inability to hold a grudge ever no matter how much I scold him just called him has truly taught me a lot

What’s the funniest thing Charlie has ever done?

unnamed-1So Charlie is a hider and the first time I had realized this I had him for about two weeks and I left, oh bad pet owner moment here, a bag of twisters open on our table and while I was gone somehow I got into them but I came back and it was wrong and I thought for sure that by a little baby puppy was going be so sick I have a huge mess to clean up and a day to pass and it was totally fine and then I started finding Twizzlers everywhere, under my pillow, in my shoes underneath my kitchen cabinets in the back of my closet. I was finding them for weeks since then he’s continued to be a hider. Except now I catch him at it now and then,  he’ll pick up something he shouldn’t be having and trot from room to room in the house looking for the right place to try and  hide it, and he’ll come back like you found the perfect place to hide it is just so funny.


Whats the most challenging part of being a pet parent?

The most challenging part about being a pet parent is having to leave him every day to go to work and it’s something you have to do and you have to find some balance but the guilt really gets to you sometimes




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