My Buddy & Me: Amy G & Katie(14yr old Boston Terrier)

"My Buddy & Me" is a 10 question interview series providing an inside look into the special relationships between pet parents and their four legged family members. If you are interested in having us interview you and tell the story of you and your pet, send an email to maggie@doggybnb.com

Amy G and Katie, her 14yr old Boston Terrier from Echo Park, CA have bravely stepped in to the hot seat to be the very first interview for “My Buddy & Me”.  You can watch her story or read through her entire interview below.  To keep up on Amy’s witty musings, you can follow her on Twitter: @AmyGerbtastic or on Instagram: @gerbyourenthusiasm



How did you know your dog was the right dog for you?

I knew my dog was the right dog for me, pretty much right off that bat when she was a puppy…I was living with my aunt at the time, I was only a teenager and she was downstairs in the basement playing while I was on the computer. I remember looking at her {giggles} from across the room and making eye contact with her little bug eyes and it was like a soul mate connection. So I knew we would be special friends forever [laughs again].

What’s the best part about being a pet parent?

IMG_4431There’s a lot of great things about being a pet parent but I’d say the best part is the bond you have with your pet. No one else has that bond with, especially with a dog.  Umm, you’re just so close with them and the communication is so in tune with them that its really special…and it’s really just such a special bond.

What’s the most difficult thing about being a pet parent?

The most difficult thing about being a pet parent is when the’re sick, you can’t really, it’s more difficult to communicate with them and they cant talk and you can’t tell, you have to rely on just their behavior and it can be very scary. Because you don’t know what they are feeling  or what they are going through because they can’t tell you and you just have to go to the vet a million times.

Has your pet ever survived something scary?

My dog is a BADASS survivor. She’s survived a dog attack at the dog park, where a dog like ripped her face open.  She……. got out when I was at work one time, my roommates accidentally let her out, she was apparently hopping like Frogger across a four lane boulevard dodging cars—- surviving somehow and got picked up by strangers. Then I got called because my number was on her tag.   She seems to have 9 lives like a cat.

How would you describe the relationship between you and Katie?

IMG_4433The relationship between me and my dog, it’s very….it’s very complex [giggles].  We’re very tight, we’re very close…  You can get very annoyed at your dog.  They’re like your child… they do things you don’t like or they’re too needy sometime  but your always, like having this unconditional love for them no matter what and it’s impossible to stay mad at them. They really are like your best friend and your child so it’s an awesome relationship.

What is your favorite memory with pet?

My favorite memory with my dog is when I was moving to California and I was driving across the country by myself..but my dog was with me.  And that just really solidified [laughs]  our relationship in a way… I mean she was just like a perfect angel the whole time, just laying  in the passenger seat, napping, just being like my little buddy keeping me company.  We survived this crazy sandstorm thing in the desert together {laughs again}.  It just made me feel that much closer to her…It’s just an awesome memory to have.

How has having pet changed you?

Having a pet has made me more responsible. I’ve had to think about someone other then myself. I mean I’ve had her since I’ve moved out from home pretty much, so I’ve had to learn always how to think about something besides yourself.  Like how, who’s going to take care of her when you are gone on trips, who’s gonna let her out, who’s gonna feed her and clean up after her…..It’s a huge responsibility and it kind of teaches you how to be a parent in a way. It’s just made me softer by having her in my life.  So yeah, It’s a huge responsibility but it has a lot of rewards and payoffs.

What’s the funniest thing your pet has ever done?

I can’t really remember any one specific funny thing my dog has done but she is obsessed with fetch. Anytime she is at a party or meets a new person, she will bring you a toy and she will bring it to you for hours, she is relentless.  She will play forever and its hilarious because she is really good and obsessed. If she was a person, a human, I think she would have been a professional tennis champ of the world.

They say pets and their owners start to look alike. When you look at you pet does anything resemble you or vice versa?



Ummm, I don’t know if we looked a like before, or since we got together……….but I do feel like my dog resembles me. We both have kind of bug eyes and a turned up nose and just the looks that she gives and her personality are very similar to mine. She’s neurotic like me, she’s sweet.  We have similar qualities and I don’t know if that’s why we were attracted to each other in the first place or as a result of being together for so long but yeah, we definitely resemble each other.


Paws Up to Amy and Katie for kicking off our My Buddy & Me interview series.  If you’re friends with Amy, you can connect with her and Katie on DoggyBnB and become part of their pet family. You’ll be able to help her out when she needs a pet sitter, dog walker or someone to feed Katie when she can’t.   DoggyBnB is available for download on the iTunes store.  

EDITORS NOTE:  Katie, Amy Lynn G.’s beloved Boston Terrier of 17yrs passed shortly after filming this video. It was Amy’s wishes that we tell their story.  From Amy:  “Katie touched many people’s lives during her 14 years, and I received an incredible amount of love, support, and condolences when she passed. I had her since I was 15, and she saw me through my entire 20s (passing shortly before her 15th birthday and shortly before my 30th). We lived in 9 different cities in 5 states over the years. We went on many adventures together including parties, raves, bbqs, camping, the beach, the mountains, the desert, you name it. If I was there, Katie was by my side. She was a playful, sweet, intelligent, affectionate gal bursting with love to give. I miss her everyday, but feel so blessed that I got to experience such a beautiful relationship with a dog, and I will never forget my little soulmate. “



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