#NYCSuperAdoption: 5 Puppy Profiles from the Best Friends NYC Super Adoption Event

What is a Pet Super Adoption?
It’s a cooperative effort where shelters and rescue groups come together in a free, fun, festival-like atmosphere to find homes for hundreds of animals during one exciting weekend. It’s a fun way to meet a huge variety of adoptable animals in a celebratory setting

For those not aware, Best Friends Animal Society is hosting the first ever NYC Super Adoption event at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpointe. With over 800 glamorous New Yorkers looking for a home during the holidays, New Yorkers from all over the boroughs have flocked to find a four legged friend to welcome into their homes and become their newest family member.


The 3 day event through Sunday Dec. 14 from 11-4pm has already been marked a resounding success the moment Nessa, a rescue mix found her forever home and became the first adoption on Friday morning.

Spread the word far and wide and if you want to stay up to date and see cute pics from the event you can follow Best Friends on twitter at @bestfriends, check the hashtags #NYCSuperAdoption and #SaveThemAll on Twitter and Instagram and stay up to date in real time with their event page HERE.

5 Puppy Profiles:  #SaveThemAll

With many more dogs and cats looking for a new home and opportunity to be loved, we thought we would highlight and profile 5 pups that we met today that were still available.  After spending the day meeting, greeting and playing with these adorable pups its hard to believe they are still WAITING FOR YOU to take them home!

Meet Rupert from Animal Rescue Fund

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What if I told you Rupert was a Bulldog Shit Zhu Mix? Would you say bullshyt? Because technically you would be right. This almost mythical mix that was the butt of all your grand fathers silly jokes is one handsome little devil.  At just 1 year old, he’s sweet and shy but gets super generous with kisses. He likes other dogs and plays nice with kids. He has hazel eyes, puppylike playfulness and an adorable under bite that add to his charm. He’s crate trained, neutered and walks well on a leash.  He’s waiting for you!

Meet Focus from Carolina Poodle Rescue

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They call him Focus because he was hit by a Ford Focus while running as a stray in rural South Carolina.  He’s a Miniature Pinscher mix, around 5 years old and clocks in at a whopping 12lbs.  With a black and tan coat and erect ears, this little munchkin is a sweet and friendly lap dog that loves traveling, people, dogs, cats and kids. After getting hit by the car he got a dislocated hip giving him a jaunty gate and a strut that is starving for attention.  Do us a favor and FOCUS and come meet this gentle little pimp. .

Meet Pancho & Sweetheart from Waggytail Rescue

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These two little dumplings from Waggytail Rescue are about as happy, playful and adorable as you can expect from Chihuahua mixes. At 2 years old, they are naturally small in size with shy personalities and love nothing more then being with people.  They are easy going and affectionate and seem eternally happy.  They both have beautiful taupish coats (with a white mix for Pancho) and know their ABC’s and 123’s.  These two will surely make you a proud mama and papa.

Meet Turkey from Sean Casey Animal Rescue

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Now this little butterball is sure to make you feel thankful you stopped down at the Brooklyn Expo Center.  Turkey is a puppy and is starting from a blank slate. She absolutely loves hoomans and being around other dogs.  She’s an adorable shepherd mix, with a beautiful black and brown fur and has been spayed.  Coming in around 35lbs, she shouldn’t get much bigger then she is. Her playful demeanor and happiness is contagious so be prepared to no longer be the center of attention.

Meet Rose from the Husky House

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4Rose is a two year old spayed Siberian Husky with black and white fur and crystal blue eyes. She was found as a stray by animal control and was never picked up by her owners.  She is a super high energy, happy-go-lucky Husky that enjoys long walks on the beach, classic books and a warm bubble baths at the end of a hard day. She enjoys the company of other dogs but does best with submissive ones. Rose is looking to be loved and she can’t wait to meet you!

100’s More Just Like Them

These are just a few of the beautiful souls we met today that are looking for their forever home.  There are 15 more rescues and hundreds of more dogs and cats who deserve your attention and a chance.  Join DoggyBnB tomorrow as we head back to the Brooklyn Expo and meet more of these furry friends and try to help them find a home!  To see more from the event, follow the Best Friends Animal Society on twitter  @bestfriends , check out their Super Adoption NYC Event page and hashtags #SavethemAll  #NYCSuperAdoption


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