Pitbull No Longer Terrified of Pineapple

Stella, the Bravestless Pitbull

For those not up to speed on sweet little Stella, a 50lb pitbull, when we first met her, she was absolutely freaking out at a pineapple. From our point of view, it’s nothing more then a delicious fruit that doubles as a fancy garnish on tropical drinks. However, it’s naturally understandable to see it from her perspective that she was potentially at risk from such a scary spiked devil monster invading her home.


Well folks. I have WONDERFUL news. Her fear of the scary pineapple monster is no longer..Her brother Guiness, an 18lb miniature pinscher, came over like a doggy Rabbi, blessed it by sniffing it giving Stella, as far as I can tell, a new BFF.



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