Quit Texting and Pet Me…. Bulldog vs. Cellphone. Guess Who Wins?

We’ve all been there. …Head down, totally consumed by our phone and whatever insanely important action like Instagramming a selfie or Tweeting the random thought that popped into our head, completely oblivious to anything around us.  Well this adorable bulldog is having none of that.

Strapped to a leash, likely ahead of a medical exam or grooming appointment, this bulldog will not be ignored and DEMANDS that his owner put down her phone and pet him.   While the owner gives in for a generous 2 seconds and returns to  level 59 in Candy Crush, this pup makes sure his owner knows that whatever is going on in that phone will not be taking priority.

Bulldog vs. Cellphone.  Wanna take a Guess who wins?


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