Rescue Me: Meet Pancho & Sweetheart, Foster Home Needed

Meet Pancho & Sweetheart from Waggytail Rescue

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Pancho and Sweetheart are a dynamic duo like Batman and Robin. Where Sweetheart goes, you’ll find Pancho right behind.  These two little dumplings from Waggytail Rescue, weigh 6.2lbs and 11lbs respectively are joined at the hip and must be fostered or adopted together.  Both are 2yrs old, loved to be hugged and held and are about as happy, playful and adorable as you can expect from Chihuahua mixes. Their naturally small size with shy personalities and love nothing more then being with people.

Sweetheart is confident, easy going  and affectionate while Pancho is a little shy, follows Sweethearts lead and takes a little time to warm up to before blanketing you with love like Sweetheart.  Both are doing well with wee wee pads, love going for walks together with their human, and enjoy cuddling up next to each other for a good nights sleep!




Pancho & Sweetheart are a packaged deal and to keep  these sweet little nuggets together, Waggy Tails Rescue is offering a 2 for 1 deal during the holiday season where you get them both for only 1 adoption fee.

To adopt or foster Pancho & Sweetheart, visit the WaggyTail Rescue website or DO the following:


1) Click on Foster Application or Adoption Application and open up the documents

2) Simply cut and paste your application into an email with the subject line:  Pancho & Sweetheart

3) Send it to the designated email address below: 
Adoptions: waggyadopt@gmail.com
Fosters: waggyvolunteer@gmail.com

Your application will be reviewed for consideration and you will be contacted shortly. Please understand that Waggytail Rescue are all volunteers (with full time jobs) and they will do their best to process your application as quickly as we can.


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