Ali, 2yr old Pitbull, New York Bully Crew, NY #rescuemadness

Meet Ali!

Ali, named after Muhammed Ali because he is a little fighter!! Ali was found practically frozen to the side of a building on a night that the temperature dropped down to 5 degrees. Thank god a good samaritan stepped in and did something!! She scooped him up into her arms and put out a social media plea for help!! We immediately went to his aid. When Ali was brought to the vet, his body temperature didn’t even read on the thermometer, meaning it was well below 90 degrees. We discovered that he was about 2 years old and SHOULD have weighed about 50 lbs, but only weighed 19 lbs…… This picture reflects his transformation in the last two months!! Just two months!! Its amazing what love a time can do.

Ali is up for adoption at nybullycrew.org. He does extraordinarily well with all people and especially children. He has yet to fully warm up to other dogs, so he may do best in a home as the only pet.


“Rescue Madness” is a social media charity contest aiming to raise awareness and money for 16 animal rescues around the country in 15 days. Each participating rescue has submitted one adoptable dog with the goal of advancing it to the next round to one overall winner. Each “LIKE” gives you 1 entry into a raffle for over $2,500 in prizes, while each $1 donated offers 5 additional entries. EACH ADOPTABLE DOG and THEIR RESCUE WILL BE WINNERS as all will share in the overall donation pool.

Cast Your Vote for Ali!

To vote for Anderson and help him move to the next round, be sure to cast your vote on Monday, March 30th by “LIKING” his picture on the the Rescue Madness website and Instagram accounts of DoggyBnB or Petflow. Each “LIKE” counts as a vote AND an additional entry for over $2,500 in prizes!

Check out the competition in Ali’s Bracket:

—- Jasmine, 7yr old Pitbull, Mr. Bones Rescue, New York

—- Hedy, ~3yr old Labrador Mix, Badass Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

—- Kerry, 9yr old Shepherd Retriever, Liberty Humane, Jersey City, NJ  

New York Bully Crew,  facebook  Twitter a Critter  

New York Bully Crew is a 501c3 not-for-profit rescue organization founded in December 2010. Though based on Long Island, NYBC’s outreach is nationwide. We specialize in rescuing Pitbulls, however no animal in dire need of rescue is turned away. NYBC strives to bring positive attention to the most loyal breed one could encounter, and give second chances to those who have been discarded by humans simply because of what they are…a Pitbull. Finding loving and responsible homes for each and every rescue is our main objective. We at NYBC firmly believe that there are NO bad dogs, just bad owners, and educating the public is a must if the bully breeds are to have a chance of survival in today’s society.





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Vote for Anderson, 1yr old Dogo Mix, Wags and Walks, Los Angeles, CA #rescuemadness

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