Vote for Dalorian, 4yr old Pitbull Terrier, PAWS Chicago, Chicago, IL

Meet Dalorian!

Dalorian is a 4 year old, female, pit bull terrier that is as sweet as can be and a bit goofy.

She’s a big fan of:  Running on a treadmill!  Dalorian loves jogging on the doggie treadmill at the PAWS Training Center.  Her trainer said he has never seen a dog who took to it so naturally! She even likes a water treadmill and we have found she gets very excited to play in water…even in the bath!

Not a fan of:  Dalorian is selective about which dogs she likes and will likely do best as the only animal in her forever home.  With her sweet personality, smarts, and athleticism, you won’t need another pet in your life!

A little more:  Dalorian spent the last several years in a home, but came to PAWS when her guardian could no longer care for her.  The transition from a loving home to a shelter was very stressful for Dalorian, so she can’t wait to be adopted.  She loves people and will greatly benefit from training to improve her leash etiquette.  She loves to exercise and routinely runs 3-4 miles on the treadmill.  Dalorian is sure to be a great jogging buddy!  She weighs about 48 pounds.

Dream home:  Dalorian is looking for experienced, adult adopters who will take her through both basic and advanced obedience classes.


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 “Rescue Madness” is a social media charity contest aiming to raise awareness and money for 16 animal rescues around the country in 15 days. Each participating rescue has submitted one adoptable dog with the goal of advancing it to the next round to one overall winner. Each “LIKE” gives you 1 entry into the raffle for over $2500 in prizes, while each $1 donated offers 5 additional entries. EACH ADOPTABLE DOG and THEIR RESCUE WILL BE WINNERS as all will share in the overall donation pool. 

Cast Your Vote for Dalorian!

To vote for Dalorian and help her move to the next round, be sure to cast your vote on Saturday, March 28th by “liking” her picture on the Instagram accounts of DoggyBnB  or Petflow  and the Rescue Madness website. Every vote in an entry for the grand prize!

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When PAWS Chicago was founded in 1997, more than 800 homeless cats and dogs were being killed in Chicago every week, totaling a staggering 42,561 deaths that year alone.
And no one knew.

PAWS Chicago was founded to end the unnecessary killing of homeless pets by informing and engaging the public and the media to help bring about change. When people are made aware of these horrific numbers, they recognize the reality and become part of the solution.

Through high-profile events and public awareness campaigns, PAWS Chicago has put a face on this once hidden problem, and results were immediately visible. After PAWS Chicago brought the killing to public attention in 1998, the number of animals destroyed was reversed… and continues to fall.

The killing rate of homeless animals in Chicago has been reduced by 71% since its founding in 1997. But there is still much work to be done


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