Vote for Lucky, 10yr old Chihuahua, JNF Foundation, Los Angeles, CA #rescuemadness

Meet Lucky!

Lucky is a spayed 10 year old Chihuahua with wise eyes. Lucky was rescued from West Valley Shelter. This lady is a little shy at first but very sweet. She gets along well with other dogs and people. Lucky loves to play and goes on slow walks with volunteers.  Fill out an adoption application to pre-adopt this sweet little girl.

“Rescue Madness” is a social media charity contest aiming to raise awareness and money for 16 animal rescues around the country in 15 days. Each participating rescue has submitted one adoptable dog with the goal of advancing it to the next round to one overall winner. Each “LIKE” gives you 1 entry into the raffle for over $2500 in prizes, while each $1 donated offers 5 additional entries. EACH ADOPTABLE DOG and THEIR RESCUE WILL BE WINNERS as all will share in the overall donation pool.

Cast Your Vote for Lucky!

To vote for Lucky and help her move to the next round, be sure to cast your vote on Monday, March 23rd by “LIKING” his picture on the the Rescue Madness website and the Instagram accounts of DoggyBnB or Petflow.. Each “LIKE” counts as a vote and an additional entry for the grand prize!

Check out the competition in Lucky’s Bracket:

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–Cooper, Beagle, Beagle Freedom Project, Los Angeles, CA

JNF Foundation, Los Angeles, CA   facebook   

The JNF Foundation is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of helping rescue and shelter animals. Founded by Jayde Nicole in 2013,  we seek to help educate people on animal adoption as well as save those abandoned and neglected pets that need medical care, food, and a comfortable home while they wait to find their permanent families. Join Jayde and her dogs Pumpkin, Pepper, Peanut Butter, Monster and Snowflake, along with many others as we support those that unconditionally support us.



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