Sherlock the Beagle, Reunites KLM Airline Passengers With Lost Items….US Airline Industry Cries Foul

Have you seen the recent viral video from KLM Airlines, the flagship carrier of Netherlands, in which an adorable Beagle named Sherlock, reunites passengers with the items they left behind?  If you haven’t yet, you need to RIGHT NOW!  In an adorable display of what should only be interpreted as an example of the most extreme lengths that KLM Airlines goes to return lost and found items to their owners, the advertisement shows Sherlock, the search dog, running on to planes, identifying the scent and sprinting through the airport to track down passengers and reunite them with their lost items before leaving the airport.

Widely known as one of the best airlines in the world in terms of user experience and customer service, KLM has a social media team that is as savvy and engaging as any brand out there. Fielding up to 40,000 questions via social media every week and known to respond within an hour**, KLM noted that many of interactions and requests relate to missing items and decided to set up a dedicated Lost & Found team.  Their creative team at DDB Worldwide described them as “a bit like detectives as they sometimes track down passengers before they even realize they’ve lost something.”  The team “uses all available information like seat numbers, phone numbers and public social media details to reunite passengers with their belongings” so they decided to create a persona known as Sherlock the Beagle(sorry folks, Sherlock the beagle is unfortunately fictional ) to represent all the above and beyond lengths they will go to for their passengers.


As an airline passenger from time to time, I think I can speak for many hoomans like myself and say that airline travel can be pretty damn stressful these days. Whether its fighting traffic to get to an airport on time, navigating security, enduring obnoxious delays or losing luggage, airline travel has become a dreadful experience. Combine that with the insanely ludicrous policies and fees we are subject to as pet owners trying to bring our furry four legged family members along any American based airline and well, you just have a tinder box of highly agitated and angry customers before you even walk into the airport…

If only the US Airline Industry could take a page out of the KLM playbook and relate to such a common frustrations, engage with customers and do a better job empathizing the across the board feelings we have towards them and our own experiences, giving us one less thing to worry about during the process it would be like a winning the lottery(I’ve never won anything but I have to imagine the shock and elation have to feel similar). Until then, I’m totally buying into KLM and Sherlock regardless if he is made up or not because thats the world I want to live in….

Paws Up KLM!

**editor note: their website says 79 minutes as of 12:22pm EST Oct. 1.. (an hour or 79 minutes who’s counting. its better than never)

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