Sid the Dog Loves People Food in His Mouth But Doesn’t Eat It

God damn it Sid. You sly little dog. How in the hell do you have more self control than 99.9% of hoomans? Stick a slice of pizza, waffles, handful of bacon, a cheeseburger, donut or hot dog anywhere near my mouth and it has maybe t-20 seconds before it’s resting peacefully in the bottom of my belly.

Yet Sid the Dog, cruises around America and Canada in a car with his super dad Alex Hopes, looking for adventure, meeting people and stuffing people food in his mouth. I don’t know how he does it. I know know why Sid looks high as hell and I don’t know if Sid gets to eat the food after. What I do know is, I need to learn a few lessons from Sid about self control and apply it to my own life.

 Sid Loves Pizza

Sid ❤️ pizza #sidvid

A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

Sid Loves Bacon


Sid ❤️ bacon #sidvid A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

 Sid Loves Cheeseburger

Sid ❤️ cheeseburger #sidvid

A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

 Sid Loves Waffle

Sid ❤️ waffle A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

 Sid Loves Cookie

Sid love da cookie

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 Sid Loves Hot Dog

Sid ❤️ hotdog #sidvid #weeklyfluff A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

 Sid Loves Doughnut

Sid ❤️ doughnut #sidvid #weeklyfluff #gourdoughs

A video posted by Sid (@myregalbeagle) on

If you love Sid as much as I do, follow Sid and his adventures on Instagram  @myregalbeagle

Sid’s dad Alex, is exhibiting his first photo collection documenting these adventures in Austin, TX this weekend if you are in the area. This exhibit will be more of an event.  There will be a photo booth, a violin set, a dog (who will surely shed on you), interactive images and complimentary beverages graciously provided by Deep Eddy Vodka and Hops and Grain! There will be smaller images, as well as larger prints available for purchase and tickets and drinks for up to 400 people.

That’s right, Sid the Dog, Free Booze and dog photos galore. Get your ticket here to attend:  TICKETS



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