Snoring Pug Floats in Bath With its Balls Out

It’s impossible to be more relaxed than this pug, who is passed out snoring, floating in a tub with its balls out on a hot summer day. To say I’m jealous would be the understatement of the century. The dog has achieved a level of relaxation that we hoomans can only dream of.

I can’t even go 30 seconds without getting stress and anxiety about a new like, share or notification blowing up my phone yet this handsome little pug is just snoozing and snoring without a worry in the world while a bunch of little twerps are screaming next to him and a lady with arguably the most annoying voice in the world is yapping non stop.

Would I like to be this pug? PUG YEAH!

Now, could you imagine dog sitting for this guy? Talk about a job that is a piece of cake.   A bath tub, a pug, warm water and voila— dog sitter of the year.  Don’t laugh but this could be you, if you signed up on DoggyBnB as a pet sitter and boarded or watched friends dogs or dogs in your social network. Give it a shot and download the app today.

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