The Girl Next Door (doggy re-boot)

This plot is for a fictional doggy re-boot of the 2004 hit, The Girl Next Door

Tell me this movie doesn’t sound puggin’ awesome.

Handsome French Bulldog pup Mason has just graduated from DooGood Dog Academy, and has been itching to get out and about to meet other dogs in the neighborhood. He’s allowed out in his backyard but his parents haven’t taken him dog walking in the hood or let him socialize with other dogs just yet.  His life suddenly gets turned upside down when a charismatic French Bulldog rescue pup, Daniella  is adopted by the hoomans next door. Mason sees her staring out the front door from his bedroom window, and she sees him and starts barking. Both of them start barking back and forth until finally the neighbors walk over with Daniella,  knocking on the door and introducing themselves to Masons parents. They suggest that Mason and Daniella play together, have dog sitting slumber parties and walks around the neighborhood.

While taking a stroll around the block, Daniella casually scoots in front of Mason in order for him to purposely fall behind her to sniff her backside thoroughly. Mason really likes what he smells and the two get to know each other through weird adventures, which includes  pooping in the neighbors yard together, burying bones in the garden and skinny dipping in the backyard pool. He and Daniella become inseparable, always going for walks with the dog walker together and regularly having dog sitting nights with at one another’s house.  When a few of the other dogs in town attempt to befriend Daniella and other pet parents offer to be her dog sitter, Mason fearing he might lose her forever, overcomes his shyness and courageously walks up to Daniella at the dog park and kisses her……To Mason’s surprise, Daniella had been waiting for that kiss since the moment she caught him staring out the window at her……




So what do you think????????? Should we submit the script??



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