The Immaculate Dog Butt….

Yes Yes Yes. We know…looking at a dog’s butt is childish and silly, but don’t lie, you can’t take your eyes off of it and neither can we.


Whether the Immaculate One is making an appearance in the backside of a pug’s tushy or not, we too, like many others before us today, have stared long enough to notice the resemblance to Jesus’s face including his hands, legs and a long fashionable robe…

While the original thread was posted over 2 years ago by user Feature Creature on Reddit and for some reason picked up today by Jezebel and Huff Post, we’re fine giving credit where credit is due and note, that for dog owners that are quite used to see their pet pooch’s posterior by now,  that is One Immaculate Butt for more reasons than one.

Oh and if you thought this was the only one…apparently you’d be wrong…guess this is a thing?!?!?


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