These Rescue Dogs Will Color Your World – Jackson Pollock Would Be Proud

Jackson Pollock was an influential American painter known for his unique style of drip painting. Most of us know him as the guys that just flung paint all over the place and are like–“Oh –I love Jackson Pollock”

What if I were to tell you that rescue dogs were getting the break of a lifetime to become the canine versions of Jackson Pollock.  Would you be a little curious to see what that could look like?  Well, thankfully, you are in luck as a group of artists working for AKQA São Paulo is featuring four shelter dogs getting creative in a short film called Canismoshaking off pet-friendly paint to make 19 Pollock-esque masterpieces in slow motion to promote adoption.

First they get covered in paint, then they start shaking it off to create their masterpieces…..


(Source: YouTube/ Procure 1 Amigo)

(Source: YouTube/ Procure 1 Amigo)

(Source: YouTube/ Procure 1 Amigo)

(Source: YouTube/ Procure 1 Amigo)

pollock 1 pollock 2  pollock 4 pollock 5

Images courtesy the artist

“We knew that sheltered dogs was a cause that needed more attention from our society, especially the media, so we decided to focus on it for our first project,” artist Gabriel Morais told The Creators Project.

The 4 rescue dogs featured in the Canismo film above have all been happily adopted, but 18 of their paintings are still looking for homes.  The canine Pollock-esque masterpieces will be on display at Perestroika’s Black Wall Gallery in São Paulo,  from May 9 – June 9, 2015.




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