This Puppy Should Win the Opposite of an Academy Award

I mean seriously. What the pup was that? Is this even acting? this dog is breaking my faith that they are perfect. I mean this is worse than D-list stuff.  This reminds me of my former roommate and now co-founder of DoggyBnB practicing lines like 10 years ago.  Not even hitting the lines on the right queue, too much over acting–just awful stuff.  I mean he was supposed to be getting shot by a gun and play dead. How long did it take for that bullet to hit him. I mean he was shot and then like an hour later he finally dropped dead and  his body kept moving.  We are talking acting 101 here.  If you get killed in a scene, no moving.  Not even a little bit.  Someone needs to do this pup a favor and break her the news that her career in dog acting is over before it started.

If I had to rank this puppy against the greatest movie dogs of all time it would look something like this:

1. Beethoven
2. Buddy
3. Marley
4. Lady
5. Tramp
6. Toto
7. Einstein
8. Benji
9. Lassie
10. Bolt

11 —> thru Every other dog on the planet

THIS DOG. Smh…..

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