This Week in AWW– Awwww, Weird or WTF? Owner Makes Replica Husky With its Own Fur

We are gonna start a weekly content piece called “This Week in AWW– Awww, Weird or WTF? We’ll pull a story from the past week that can be interpreted from multiple point of views as AWW, a WEIRD or a WTF and let users vote whether they think it deserves.

For this one, count me in the “WEIRD” category…Not even sure how you get in to a hobby like this or even have the time to knit a voodoo replica version of your pooch with its own fur. Given that I’m pretty bananas about my pup and COULD see myself doing something for her that could come across as borderline weird so I’m not gonna pass judgement and slap a dreaded WTF just so quickly.

If you want to jump down the replica Husky rabbit hole, head over to Reddit and join the conversation.


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