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By Jennifer Wagner
Family Technology Expert

about222222Most people consider their pets as members of their family. It isn’t always easy dropping them off at an impersonal kennel with different staff watching them day and night. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a trusted friend, or a friend of a trusted friend, or at least someone you’ve built up a social networking relationship with? The free DoggyBnB app does just that.

What is the DoggyBnB app? 

The people joining DoggyBnB are a community of dog or pet lovers. The reason for the community is to find reliable friends to help take care of your pets, to take care of other people’s pets, or both. You can invite people you already know in real life, and friend people from the community. The words bnb stand for buddies and boarders. The app isn’t only about boarding.

How does the BoggyBnB app work? 

If you need someone to feed, board, walk, etc your dog or other pet, you put out a “woof”, a request for help. You can choose whether to put it out to only your 1st degree trusted buddies, those you are friends with on the app, or you can add 2nd and 3rd degree (friends of friends) if you need to.


Payment, or a “reward” is not a requirement, but you will be much more likely to have someone “fetch” or agree to do your “woof” if you do offer a payment.

Dog Walkers and Home Boarders

People that already do this on a personal level can join the community, make friends with members and “fetch” offers. The DoggyBnB app is not putting them out of business, it is actually helping them expand their business.

Doggy Playdates

What if you are new to the area and don’t have many doggy friends yet? You can use the “Sniffer” feature to find other dogs that live within your area to set up a doggy playdate. You can check out the person and the dog to see if you would both get along with each other. Who knows what other types of connections might come from this app? Some are even calling it “Tinder” for dogs.

The App

The DoggyBnB app is completely free. Right now it is only available for iOS 7.0 or later on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It will be available for Android soon. It is simple to use. When you send a “woof” for help, you can send to an entire group or degree with just one push of a button. You can coordinate details directly through the app, if you want.

Most users like to get friends to sign up for DoggyBnB with them and start off using each other as they grow their network. It really isn’t very different from any other social network. The longer you are on it, the more people you get to know and the more you get to know each other.

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