#PawsUp- Dog Owner Points Finger Gun at Dog and Teaches Him to Spread’em

Kibo, Spread’em

There’s no doubt that Kibo, the Shiba Inu, is cute as can be but I’m not quite sure how I am supposed to feel here.  I mean he straight up respects authority more then most humans but is this adorable? Is this a cool trick? Or is this guy making some kind of subliminal statement through his pup?

I haven’t been able to teach my dog a new trick in like 4 years so I’m obviously jealous to a degree but I’m so confused if I’m supposed to laugh and be like “awww that’s so cute” or be like “damn that’s messed up”.

Whatever it is, Kibo seems like a pretty sweet pup to have around. Hopefully his owner, keeps posting all of the cool things this little nugget can do.


Editors Note: Kibo’s owner has a youtube channel for him. Some pretty funny stuff. Click HERE to check it out. 

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