Woman Set to Marry Dog After Her First Husband, a CAT Dies – Is Dumb For Marrying a Cat in the First Place

(Source) — And they called it puppy love. Widow Dominque Lesbirel of the Netherlands is getting married again, after losing her husband to kidney failure. She’s getting hitched to her dog. Her first husband, Doerack, was a cat. “Putting Doerack to sleep was horrible, I’ve had him since he was three, but I feel lucky to have had 16 lovely years with him,” she said, according to Britain’s Daily Mirror. She plans to wed Travis, but wants to wait a while to get over her grief at losing Doerack. Travis, her intended, has been with her for several years, she said, after she rescued him from being homeless while she was living in Greece. She found him at the beach, where he stole her shoes and bag while she was swimming. And then “he stole my heart,” she says. Lesbirel, 41, performs wedding rites for domestic animals at, a website she established in 2003. She does not grant every marriage application. “There are rules, as with any marriage,” she said. “The difference between a church ceremony and my online chapel is that I don’t allow divorce. I don’t want to let anyone abandon their pet.”

While this marrying her dog stunt after her first husband a CAT died is the most obvious marketing ploy to drive traffic to her website/company  (which is pretty smart) I’m gonna play along for a second because of how stupid it was for Dominique to marry a cat in the first place. I mean seriously—-What the efffffff? What part of cat screams husband material?

Cats are historically loners and by nature selfishly indifferent to your overall well being. To them you’re the pet and they are the master, which means all you’ve done is marry someone that is going to boss you around. Want a sandwich or a beer from the fridge, good luck.  While it can hear you calling its name, the truth of the matter is, cats don’t care or give a crap about what you want. Meanwhile when it wants food or maybe some cat nip, does it ask nicely—-nope, most likely it’ll knock a bunch of stuff off the table or claw and scratch at you.  Not only that, cats don’t want to be touched by you or petted by you cause it stresses them out. When they do curl up next to you and get close, it’s not because it’s trying to say I love you but because it’s making you it’s property by putting its scent all over you so all the other cats know your its territory.

It’s hard to understand what Dominique was thinking. Perhaps she’s just a sucker for bad boys like stupid Doerick and overlooks the good guys like Travis, who are always there for her and longing to love her, make her laugh, protect her and even hold her shoes while she goes swimming. If Travis was smart, he wouldn’t put up with being the second choice and he’d meticulously plot just like Doerick would’ve, to marry her, make her miserable, then divorce her and take half her money.  But he won’t, because it’s not in his nature to act like a cold-hearted jerk…


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