You Won’t Believe What Happened to This 4year Old With 6 Pitbulls

She Told Them What to Do and When to Do It.  {GASP}

If you drink the pitbull haterade go away, you’re not even remotely going to enjoy watching this. For the rest of us click play and enjoy. This little 4 year old girl has these 6 pitbulls trained  like they are show dogs at Westminster.   This just goes to show they can be friendly and well behaved like any other breed.  We all know pitbulls get a bad rap as if they are some vicious,  non-trainable monsters but most of us that actually have a brain,  understand it’s the person not the pet that needs to be trained and pitbulls are bred for work and companionship because of their gentleness and loyalty.

A few things that stick out in this video besides the fact that the person who took the video needs to learn some simple youtube cinematography and hold a camera in one position.  Pay attention to the 16 second to 30 second mark and then when she just dumps a pile of food on the floor as they waited for her to count to 3 before forming a perfect circle like they were an olympic synchronized swimming team and inhaling it down. I mean talk about command. This little girl is either going to replace Cesar Milan as soon as she gets her drivers license or she is destined to be a Maestro in the Grand Symphony Orchestra.

One thing that I do need a little clarification about is the whole dumping food into a big pile on the floor. Is that normal? Is that a thing that other people do  now?  Should I just quit bothering with a bowl and get all new agey? I do my best to keep up on all things hip  like calling my dog bae and stuff. So if that’s a thing I need to know.

And how bout these jerks in the comment section on youtube? First 3 comments I see below the youtube video is exactly what you would expect. A bunch of internet trolls preaching their negativity and hate all over the place. Does anyone know Thanos?  Where did he come up with that MODERN DOG TRAINERS WILL ALWAYS SAY NEVER DO THIS?  and this is the definition of stupidity.  You know what Thanos, you are the definition of stupid and modern dog lovers will always say this  Boom. Roasted.



If you are interested in parenting a pitbull there are many options to adopt at great rescues all around you including The New York Bully Crew, Bruised Not Broken and the Bully Project

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