Friendship based dog sitting network
The Doggy Buddies app gives dog parents a
better way to get friends to watch your
dog without the guesswork of asking
Join Doggy Buddies Notify friends and dog sitters you
know at once instead of asking
around or turning to strangers

Easier than calling around. Safer than a stranger. Cheaper than a kennel.

How it Works

Add friends that love dogs


Add friends, family and dog lovers from your social network to become doggy buddies


Push a job out to your network


Enter the details of the help you need and notify friends and dog lovers nearby at once


Watch your friends' dogs


Love dogs or have a doggy biz? Use who you know to get alerted of nearby dog sitting jobs.

Why DoggyBnB is PAWfect for YOU and YOUR DOG:


Sign Up for free – it's easy to invite friends to join your network and reach out for help without the awkwardness of asking directly.



Request pet care, share pet sitters and trusted recommendations with friends easily. You'll always have a personal connection.



Find other pet lovers in your area, set up playdates, and grow your pet loving community.


Joann B., 32New York, NY

"Mavis has 11 buddies so far. I sent out a WOOF twice and had friends jump to watch him both times without really having to do anything! So fun!"


Casey A., 29Westchester, NY

" I invited a bunch of people I work with to be buddies with Georgia and sent out a Woof for Halloween weekend. Four people replied right away to take care of her!"


Kurt R., 35Brooklyn, NY

"It's like my dog Beans has her own family of human friends that she loves to hang out with when I am away."

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